Damon Albarn 'Mucking Around' On Next Solo Album

artist: Damon Albarn date: 05/08/2012 category: new releases
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Damon Albarn 'Mucking Around' On Next Solo Album
Blur's Damon Albarn has begun work on his next solo project, just days after his first solo album "Dr Dee" was released. The hard-working frontman has numerous musical ventures and is not resting up, despite having a series of Blur shows to focus on in the Summer. Talking to Radio 4's Front Row, Damon said that there is talk of him making his first proper solo album and that he's "mucking around" with ideas at the moment. "This week we're mucking around with these Russian synthesizers in a very loose mind of doing some kind of record under my name. I suppose you could call it a solo record, but I don't like that word. It sounds very lonely - solo. I don't really want to be solo in my life. But yeah, I'm making another record," he said. Albarn also went on to criticise the "corporate" Olympics, despite the fact he will headline a closing ceremony concert for The Games alongside his Blur bandmates. "We're putting it on for London and people who hopefully want to sing their hearts out in a park," Albarn argued. Adding: "I'm signed up to the idea of regeneration in London and putting on a good account of ourselves; definitely." Just last week Damon Albarn claimed that he could potentially make a new Gorillaz album without his animator sidekick Jamie Hewlett. Thanks for the report to Gigwise.com.
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