Damon Albarn Performs New Solo Tracks on Jimmy Kimmel

artist: Damon Albarn date: 03/13/2014 category: new releases

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Damon Albarn Performs New Solo Tracks on Jimmy Kimmel
Damon Albarn took to US TV to showcase tracks from his upcoming solo album, "Everyday Robots," Gigwise reports. Watch him performing "Lonely Press Play" and "Mr. Timbo" below.

As debuted at BBC 6 Music Festival last month, the tracks with new backing band the Heavy Seas lean on the Blur frontman's more restrained musical sensibilities.

"Lonely Press Play" is a tender and melancholic lullaby with a laid-back groove, while "Mr. Timbo" has more of an infectious and summer-y ska vibe.

"Everyday Robots" will be released on 28 April, 2014, and features collaborations with Brian Eno and Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan. The Blur and Gorillaz frontman describes the album his "most soul-searching and autobiographical yet, explores nature versus technology."

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