Damon Albarn Reveals Solo Album Details

The Gorillaz and Blur legend has invented a curious concept for his solo work. But does it make any sense?

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Damon Albarn has confirmed he is writing on a solo album under his name.

The Gorillaz mastermind, who once fronted britpop legends Blur, said the album will be inspired by his daughter's taste in music.

"I'd like to do a record with my name on it, that's the next one I want to make. I'm writing about an empty club. Empty club music," he told Q magazine (via Gigwise).

"I've been trying to listen to the real coalface of popular music, which is made easier because my daughter (Missy, 11) is really into that."

He continued: "It's quite homogenous. It has to be about a club. Either you're getting ready to go to the club, queuing up, in the club or you've just let the club, to go to a better club."

"I thought that it would be good to make a pop record about a club nobody goes to."

Albarn's most recent recording project was in collaboration with Oxfam and a super-group of producers under the banner DRC Music.

As previously reported, the group went to the Democratic Republic of Congo and remixed recordings of local ethnic artists.

The result, "Kinshasa One Two", will be given a digital release on October 3 and on CD/vinyl on November 7.

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    I love how it says "mastermind" - I love this guy...but isn't Gorillaz sorta a solo thing too?