Dan Auerbach: 'Lana Del Rey and I Bumped Heads Making 'Ultraviolence''

The Black Keys frontman says Del Rey was "fighting" him.

Ultimate Guitar

The Black Keys frontman Dan Auberbach has spoken out about his work producing Lana Del Rey's new album, "Ultraviolence" - claiming that the pair often fought and "bumped heads."

As Gigwise notes, the follow-up to the smash breakthrough "Born to Die" will be released later this year, following the release of the Auerbach-produced single "West Coast" last month.

Now, speaking to Mojo about the making of "Ultraviolence," Auerbach said that it wasn't always smooth sailing.

"We were only scheduled to do three days, and then she stretched it out to two weeks and we finished a whole record. She's the real deal," he said.

"She impressed me every day. There were moments when she was fighting me. I could sense that maybe she didn't want to have anybody thing she wasn't in control because I'm sure it's really hard to be a woman in the music business. So we bumped heads a little bit, but at the end of the day we were dancing to the songs."

Both Lana Del Rey and the Black Keys have been confirmed for this year's Glastonbury Festival in June, before the Black Keys headline Latitude festival in July.

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    "maybe she didn't want to have anybody thing she wasn't in control" Just proofread once for God's sake. Just ONCE before you hit the upload button...
    Its like whoever is writing the article is in an extreme rush because they think someone else is about to post the exact same article.
    im a fan of Lana and i wasn't aware Dan was producing the new album, goes to show you ug does have new info every once and a while
    Dan Auerbach produced, huh? Well I can honestly say I've never been more excited to hear a pop album before. Still waiting on that Danger Mouse U2 album btw...