Dappy Wants Slash On New Album

artist: Dappy date: 03/13/2012 category: new releases
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Dappy Wants Slash On New Album
UK rapper Dappy, formally of urban rap group N-Dubz, says he wants Slash to feature on his forthcoming solo album. It will follow his collaboration with Brian May on his single "Rock Star". The pair also covered Queen's "We Will Rock You" in a recent live session, though Dappy's singing was a little... well, it was s--t. It seems to rock collaboration has now inspired Dappy to invite another guitar legend to play on his first solo album. "I listen to everything but I've been listening to lots of classical CDs recently. And I love Eighties rock. I want Slash on my next album," Dappy told The Sun. Slash didn't respond to UG's request for comment, because UG didn't try. Why bother asking? The whole story is ridiculous. Meanwhile, Dappy just announced a tour of the UK, should you need a list of places to avoid on certain days. Watch Dappy and Brian May collaborate on "Rock Star" right here:
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