Daron Malakian Will Make a Guest Appearance on New Linkin Park Album

Paige Hamilton of Helmet has also participated to the record due to release "sometime in the middle of the summer."

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System of a Down's axeman Daron Malakian will be the featured as the guest in the upcoming Linkin Park album, x95.9FM reports (via ABC News Radio).

There will be at least one more guest on the album - Paige Hamilton, the Helmet frontman, also participated. However, it's still unrevealed how did they participate - as the guitar players or as the singers. The presence of Malakian and Hamilton was revealed during the album's closed pre-release listening session, which took place on April 4.

Linkin Park mastermind Mike Shinoda said during the session that he and his band mates share a growing discomfort with the poppier leanings of alternative music these days. With the new album, he says, they felt the need to return to a harder edge.

"This is reflected in the first single, 'Guilty All the Same,'" says Shinoda. "It just felt like the right introduction to the record, which is kind of a shocking one."

As a matter of fact, Shinoda says the song "sits in the middle [of the songs on the album]" in terms of tone.

However, Shinoda said that the songs were still rough mixes and that the band is busy tweaking them; he says fans can expect the new Linkin Park album "sometime in the middle of the summer."

Paige Hamilton and Daron Malakian joined Rakim in the list of guest appearances on the newest Linkin Park album - the iconic rapper participated to the first single off the record, "Guilty All the Same," revealed a month ago.

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    Fleur de Lys
    I think this could actually turn out pretty cool. Both vocally and guitar-wise.
    Pick 'n' Finger
    My cock is much bigger than yours...
    He'd better make a new Scars On Broadway album.
    He did, in just two weeks. Still waiting for a release date though.
    wasn't it suppose to come out more than a year ago?
    It was supposed to come out back in like 2011 or 2012, so who knows.
    It'll be worth the wait I hope. What I find funny is that he made the whole album in such a short period of time and he is actually taking much more time trying to release it. But anyway, that was like... last October. I remember him saying that it should be ready on February. oh wait we are already in April.
    It takes people an hour at most to upload a couple songs to iTunes. WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG, DARON?! HUH!??
    If that means more guitar / rock vibe and a less electronic vibe album it's great news in my opinion.
    Not sure I will be able to get back into Linkin Park, but this song is definitely a good step away from their past few albums imo.
    It's ok but I feel like Chesters Vocals could have been pushed a bit more. He doesn't sound as engaging as he normally is
    guitar sounds like Power Rangers lol
    I remember the Power Rangers theme song was the first piece of metal that ever entered in my life. I was three years young. That's complimenting Linkin Park too much imo o.o
    I dunno if its just me but 'Guilty All The Same' sounds like it could be an Avenged Sevenfold song...
    I was just imagining how would that melody from Guilty All The Same sound an octave lower (or lower string) with fatter and tighter distortion, and just to fatten all of the lower register riffs... Now that would be some amazing Groove Metal riffage, it could even lean towards Death Metal territory. Can't wait for the youtube guitar cover videos.
    These lyrics are so generic my face hurts. If they want better songs, write better effin words..it's a surprisingly (sarcasm) major factor of a guitar and vocal based genre of music
    I disagree completely. Not with you pointing out that the lyrics are less than stellar - because they are pretty weak - but I will contend that most songs that are based around guitar and vocals are not exactly literature-level prose or poetry.
    That's gonna be a nice heavy track. I hope they do vocal harmonies, everyone Daron sings with manage to create beautiful harmonies together. Ofc assuming he lends some vocals and not just riffage. I will say although I'm not a huge LP fan, Guilty or the Same was better than what I've heard from them recently. It felt poor vocally and that intro felt too long also, but it did kick off a new interest in how this album turns out.
    The fact that they are unhappy with pop music and want to take a turn for the edgier is a good sign. Linkin Park gets a real bad rep nowadays, and rightfully so with their last two or three albums, but they have some legit songs. Chester has a good voice.
    The only thing I'm worried about with Chester is it seems like his voice has lost its edge a bit. Comparing recent live performances with old live performances it seems like he might have suffered some vocal damage.
    I couldn't agree more! I've been waiting for them to let go with real harder emotion again
    Daron should guest star on Serj Tankian's next album. Then they could have john dolmayan guest star on drums and shavo guest star on bass!
    I'm excited for the album as a whole. This song has definitely peaked my interest but I do worry about the amount of collaborations, even if they are interesting ones.
    Carl LOG
    mmm... I understand that they tried to get this song out as quick as possible to show people something.. but I really feel that so much work could have been put into that song to make it decent.. Not only writing wise but also production wise. It doesn't have a point.. no big part, there's variety.. but that variety seems to be all the same.. It's really missing something.. a lot.. feels like just a few of samples or guitar, drums etc copied and pasted all around. I hope they put their heads down for this cause they can do better than this song. I know they can. Unless they just got lazy now with their music cause they're loaded
    "However, it's still unrevealed how did they participate - as the guitar players or as the singers." This sentence desperately needs to be edited as it acquaints to a word salad.
    "Mike Shinoda said during the session that he and his band mates share a growing discomfort with the poppier leanings of alternative music these days." Minutes To Midnight and everything since from this band is a perfect example of that...
    I want another A Thousand Suns!!!!! That was a fantastic album! Linkin Park will always be one of the greatest bands!
    This. Nothing comes close to that album. Hard to believe it's been four years already.
    Holy shit, this is like, demo quality at best. The EZDrummer is strong with this one.. while the guitar tone is not.
    In a lot of cases that could be a good thing. I'll honestly take most demos over finished versions depending on the band and how overpolished, bland and overproduced the final product is. Which unfortunately nowadays is a lot of notable - major albums.
    Daron and his vocals really ruined soad..... for linkin parks sake they should tell him to just stick to playing guitar. Sorry, dont want to bash anyone and I am sure he contributed a ton in the awesome first two albums from soad... but once he wanted to become the lead guy in soad... they really stunk!!!!
    You probably said the same thing the first time you heard Serj sing. Neither of them have "good voices" in the traditional sense; but they complement each other really well. I think either guy on his own for a whole album is grating, but together they give you enough of a break from each other it makes them sound much better.
    Don't listen to much of them but this song seems somewhat mellow, I guess that's just the route they're taking.
    I'm surprised how much Mike's lyrics openly reference my qualms with them. Maybe they still have it in them to turn it back around!
    Guilty All The Same is not bad, but where is Chester's heart! Where's the aggression! The Emotion! Old linkin park felt every lyric and every beat, theres no soul anymore. P.s. When did Synyster Gates join Linkin Park?
    I used to love Linkin Park and I know people say if you're a true fan then you should stick with a band, but I'm finding them harder to listen more and more each album. Hyrbid Theory will never be matched which is fine, I don't want a repeat but its like they've lost their attitude and punch!
    "he and his band mates share a growing discomfort with the poppier leanings of alternative music these days" Whatever...
    Too bad Linkin Parks new music sucks live a billions times more then there old music did...so it's the rotting whale feces of "metal" even though it isn't even that anymore...