Dave Evans Readies New Album

artist: Dave Evans date: 07/31/2008 category: new releases
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Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans will release his new album "Judgement Day" in July. The album fills a 5-year gap since the release of "Sinner" in 2003. Evans recorded "Judgement Day" in Brisbane with producer Mark Tinson. It will feature 10 tracks, including a cover of "House Of The Rising Sun". The first single will be "We Don't Dance To Your Song". A live video will be made for the single. Evans will release "Judgement Day" on July 14 through MGM. Dave Evans was the first lead singer for AC/DC in 1973 and 1974. He sang on the band's very first single "Can In Sit Next To You Girl" which was later re-recorded with Bon Scott for the "TNT" album. Evans left AC/DC in 1974 after a fall-out with the Young brothers. HardDrive Radio are reporting that AC/DC's forthcoming album, "Black Ice", will now released a week earlier than expected. The album will be available on October 21st. Thanks for the info to Oldschoolmetal.com.
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