Dave Grohl on New Foo Fighters: 'It's Not Enough to Stand in Front of a Mic and Hit Record'

"Kudos to everyone doing this, but it's just not my style," he said.

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Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl has been speaking with Rolling Stone about the band's upcoming album and television project.

"Sonic Highways," a project conceived by Grohl, will form the basis of an eight-part television series to be shown on HBO starting in October. The show will follow the Foo Fighters as they travel to eight of America's music capitals (including Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Seattle and Washington, DC), immersing themselves in the history, culture and personalities of those cities. At the end of each episode, the Foo Fighters will present a new song which is inspired by their experiences in those cities. Those songs will form the basis of the new Foo Fighters album, which is scheduled for release in the Fall.

As Grohl notes, the project is a departure in many respects from what the band has done previously, moving away from three-minute songs and into weirder territory:

"It's an eight-song album. But it's gonna be our longest album - because there are some epic jams. When you get Joe Walsh with you out in the desert" - referring to a session with the Eagles guitarist at a studio in Joshua Tree, California - "it's not going to be a three-minute pop single. It gets a little weird."

The frontman also states that the project was inspired by a need to do more than just stand in front of a microphone and hit record:

"Hey, kudos to every musician who stands in front of a mic and hits 'record,' But at this point in my life, that's not enough for me. It's time to think of ways to do it differently."

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    So Dave is saying, chorus, chorus, pre-chorus, chorus, post-chorus - kinda, verse, chorus, chorus, chorus isn't enough anymore?
    How else are you going to record vocals?
    Maybe sit in front of a mic and press 'record'? Or perhaps, lounge around on a couch in front of a mic and press 'record'. That's what I'd do.
    Fred Bob
    Does anyone else think Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace is really underrated? Its like the perfect FM Radio Foo Fighters album album with just enough rocking out. Its a lovely vibe throughout while it doesnt really have the standout singles like other albums of theirs, Statues, Home and Come Alive are tunes.... looking forward to see how the new album sounds but I have a tempered expectations with Foo's... in a good way
    Foo Fighters' music has begun to stagnate in recent albums. Props to Grohl for recognizing this and having the balls to make this album. There are going to be a lot of pissed off 90's Foo fans, but so what.
    really? wasting light was one of their best in my opinion
    It's funny how Gorhl described it with 'It gets a little weird'. It's like an astronaut with a fear of heights. Curiosity is on!
    No no, it's not just your opinion. Wasting Light is, top to bottom, a modern day classic album. One of the greatest albums in some time in my opinion.
    Wasting Light felt like a rehash through and through… a well done rehash but a rehash.
    i am a huge fan o Foo Fighters.. but i have a weird feeling that this band is turning into something more like -- Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters-- you know what i mean, he is just doing whatever he wants and the other guys just kind of play "for" him rather than together like a group of equal musicians, I might be wrong, and i hope i`m wrong, i guys i`m going to find out in a couple of months
    Well.....He did play every instrument on the first album and most on Colour & Shape. So that'd lead me to believe that it is his band.
    Hope they play a couple jams from this album at Firefly Music Festival and get an idea what the album is like
    I love the idea of a group of musicians exploring the roots of rock, and then writing songs about it.