Dave Grohl Says New Foo Fighters Album Is 'About Reinventing the Process'

Singer says he doesn't want to just go on the road and "sell a bunch of T-shirts."

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Dave Grohl has been talking about the Foo Fighters' forthcoming eighth studio album, NME reports.

Speaking to Billboard, Grohl said the album is due for release in November, shortly after the broadcast of an eight-part HBO series "Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways." The two projects are closely linked.

He said: "We could just go make another record in the studio, hit the road and sell a bunch of T-shirts. It's all about reinventing the process."

To make the album, Grohl, along with bandmates Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear have visited studios in eight cities, recording one song in each location. The accompanying series will see Grohl interviewing musicians tied to a particular city including Buddy Guy, Dolly Parton, Chuck D, Gibby Haynes, Allen Toussaint and Gary Clark Jr.

"These recording studios are hallowed ground; they're churches and monuments to me," continued Grohl. "History has been made in (dives) all over the country."

The cities visited are Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, Tennessee, New Orleans, Seattle, Washington, D.C. and New York - all locations with strong connections to the band. Grohl wrote the lyrics for the songs on the album during the last day of each session, hoping to be inspired by the experiences and interviews he'd done.

The band's most-recent album "Wasting Light" was released in April 2011.

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    It's easy to be cynical in today's society, saying that everything's all about Dave, Dave, Dave, but come on. He's seriously a huge inspiration for me, and just does it right. I'm psyched. How psyched?
    The reason the media is full of Grohl doing things is because no other rock star is doing anything at the moment. At least not reinventing anything.
    Grohl isn't reinventing anything though. He is just a good salesman. He uses all the buzz words people wanna hear to try and make his product sound more "real" than the rest. But, you can be sure they will just continue to put out the same old radio rock they've always made.
    So he's really passionate about his work, and is soo happy and confident with it, he is overjoyed and can't wait for his fans to hear it? Yup, sure is a salesman, can't believe he tricked me the last 10 years of my life.
    Anyone with any empathy should be able to tell Dave Grohl is doing so much because of his deep and pure love for MUSIC. It's easy to tell that he could care less about fame and fortune. He just wants to INSPIRE a new generation, make music he likes, and rock the f!?k out. How can you blame that? He doesn't have ego, he has passion.
    He's more personable than Jack White, and he's more visually enthusiastic in interviews so I guess he wins that. Although Jack never directed a movie.
    You got it. I see all these articles about guitar techniques on UG, some of which, of course, deliver very good advice. But you always hear Dave talk about how ****ing simple becoming a musician can be, and I love hearing his words. It's just... Get a bunch of shitty instruments from a garage sale, sound like shit with your friends, and become a huge band like Nirvana did. Most people aren't going to make a career out of music, but I think about Dave's rants every time I pick up my guitar. That being said... I couldn't be more excited for this new album.
    I wasn't aware that Tennessee was a city..
    Nashville, Tennessee Because apparently no one knows where Nashville is.
    If they use a comma in one of them, they should all be separated by semicolons. And of all the cities listed, why is Nashville the one that needs more location details?
    If I were him, I'd do the same. Why go record albums the exact same way every time when you have the opportunity to experience more on the way? That's essentially what life is all about, if you have the resources to do it, do it!
    He hasn't reinvented anything.
    OK so they recorded an album at a bunch of different locations. What has been re-invented? Nothing.
    Um maybe he's reinventing how he, and the Foo Fighters, record and do a new Foo Fighters album. He never said he reinvented the process for all music in general, he's obviously talking about reinventing the Foo Fighters process, just connect the dots.
    Arctic Monkeys has in some ways bring fresh ideas to the genre with AM. this untalented person keeps talking about "reinventing rock", "human element" & his favourite subject "Kurt Cobain" but still produce mediocre efforts that'll win grammy's because he's "the good guy in rock"
    This guy has no clue what he's talking about. Silly human, Dave Grohl don't care what you think. FINISH HIM!
    "'Reinventing the Process' and making music as dull and uninspiring as we have done for the last decade"
    I am really curious at how this album will sound and if anyone else will guest star of the labum like Joe Walsh and cheap Trick
    The day the guy actually plays a guitar solo on one of his albums is the day he can claim reinventing....other than that all his albums sound like the last one.....
    Seriously? You think that Wasting Light and Echoes Silence Patience and Grace sound the same? Seems that your ears are clearly broken
    Whatever happened to appreciating song writing? This guy knows how to write killer songs and that has been FF focus all along. A killer track that speaks to 100,000's is still a killer track.
    Right?! People are always tryin to nitpick something, accept it for what it is or carry on.
    I've seen FF live twice and he played a live solo in each one....just jumping the gun I see.
    you should listen to their first or third album where he plays all the guitars, or should watch any of their performances where they improvise. He rules on the guitar.
    I personally like it when bands produce similarly sounding stuff, ever since linkin park I've been skeptical of bands saying they're trying new stuff... I think the reason you come to love the band is the reason you should keep loving it.
    I personally think that's a stupid view. Bands shouldn't want to make the same kind of music album, after album, after album, after album.. etc. How boring would it be if you didn't change AT ALL after 15 years? Pretty damn boring. Musicians / bands should be encouraged to experiment and make music for themselves, not the fans, but themselves. You're not required to like whatever they put out. PEOPLE TOO JUDGMENTAL ABOUT MUSIC, JUST LISTEN DAWGS.