Dave Grohl Talks New Foo Fighters: 'We Haven't Disclosed Exactly What We're Doing'

"Music's done," the frontman adds in separate interview.

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Foo Fighters mastermind Dave Grohl shared a few fresh tidbits regarding the band's new album, confirming that the musical part is done, once again stressing the unprecedented approach the group took.

"We haven't really disclosed exactly what we are doing," he told BBC Radio 1. "I know what it sounds like and I honestly think the entire concept is really going to take people by surprise and it sounds nuts."

"We recorded something the other day that's unlike anything we've ever done and it starts with a fuse and then it explodes," Dave added (via NME).

Performing at Howard Stern's 60th birthday party alongside Slash and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Grohl briefly chatted with the popular radio host, also touching on the new album.

"We're making a record now, it's gonna blow people away, it's gonna be f--king great and we're doing it - nobody knows it, but I've been eight months on it already, nobody knows." Asked if all the music's been written, the musician replied: "Music's done."

During the rest of the chat, Dave discussed an interesting subject of dropping out of high school. As Grohl explained it, his mother was supportive of such a decision, despite being a teacher herself.

"My mother was a public school teacher for 35 years and she understood kids. She looked at me and she knew I wasn't a complete idiot and I was super passionate about playing music so she was like, 'You know what, you're not f--king - you're not doing any good at fluorescent lights at French class all day long.' My mother is the coolest mother ever," the frontman said, adding that his father on the other hand was "f--king pissed."

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    I'm still thinking there's more to it than being recorded in 12 different studios. And I'm still dying to know what it is.
    Going to be a great year of music. Really looking forward to this release.
    Really hope they haven't just done some gimmicky stuff in place of writing great tunes. Whatever they come out with they will still be festival headliners until they retire but I look forward to hearing what they have done this time around!
    Wow, what a mom. Takes a lot of trust to support a choice like that.
    whatever the super secret recording method that they're using is, I really hope the writing takes a different approach on this album. the last record had a lot of great moments, but I still felt a lot of the song structures and lyrics were a little cheap (heavy Altrock riff, repetitive prechorus, big catchy anthem, repeat). I know wasted light was probably they're biggest album to date in terms of popularity, but over the last 20 years of albums and bsides, I know Grohl and company are capable of putting out some great, high quality songwriting and musicianship. cheers
    I cordially disagree, the lyrics were not cheap. The structures had some similarities, but most non technical songs can generally have similar structures. The result of Wasting Light was an album that was great, with high quality songwriting, as well as musicianship. Cheerio.
    I personally do agree that a few of the song lyrics were pretty cheesy sounding, but it did have quite a few amazing tracks. Rope, I Should Have Known, and Dear Rosemary were all awesome.
    I think it's gonna be something multi textual. It'll be an album that ties in with a movie, or an interactive forum of some sort. It won't just be the manner in which it was recorded. All very exciting.
    I just prey to god that this album lives up to all this hype! I love the Foo's, but if its not as good as they say it is, then it could damage their status *crossing fingers*
    Agreed. Dave's usually a really modest guy though, so hopefully if he's hyping it up this much, it really is something incredible.
    I hope it lives up to they hype too...because I want good music. But who cares what their status is? I'm going to like them or not like them based on my own perceptions not because of some social hierarchy of what bands are good.
    hehe....an album of lullabies...all bells and chimes and quietness....can you imagine a Foo bed time album for your kids? I mean, they're parents now and very family oriented so it's not COMPLETELY far fetched!
    Perhaps it's the first album to have been recorded entirely by his famous friends? Apparently, he knows lots and lots of famous people, even ones who didn't know it.
    Shortly after Wasting Light was released they said they want to be the first band to record an album in space, few months later Muse said they want to be the first band to play a gig in space. But all that seems too far fetched.
    Sad, bands cant just focus on making good music. Its no wonder nobody wants to buy the piece of shit album.
    Seeming that everything I wanted to say regarding the album has been said...did I read that his Mum said he wasn't f*cking?
    the hype around this mystery makes me think it might be disappointing when it actually gets out. That being said... it's the Foo Fighters.... they never disappoint.