Dave Grohl to Release Cover EP with Ghost B.C.

Ghost have been quietly sitting on a bunch of cover song recorded with the Foo Fighters frontman on drums due for release later this year.

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Dave Grohl is a vocal fan of surreal Swedish metal act Ghost B.C., and even worked with them as a drummer and producer to record an ABBA cover in January.

What we didn't know is that the recording wasn't limited to just one song, and that they've been sitting on a pile of cover tracks which will be released later this year.

Speaking backstage at Hellfest festival, one go Ghost's nameless ghouls told Riff Mag (via Metal Insider) that some of the hidden tracks are already out in the wild, with more to follow on an official release later this year:

"We released 'I'm a Marionette' for the first single, and on the Japanese version we have a Depeche Mode cover. We have a few more flying around that we did with Dave Grohl that we're going to release by the end of the year, I think, as some sort of EP or single," he said.

The ghoul adds that they haven't quite decided on what format the cover release will take. "It needs to be a purposeful release," he said. "We're trying to get an angle of what to do with it. There are a few more songs we're waiting to do."

Listen to the full interview, where they discuss everything from Dave Grohl to Star Wars, in this audio clip:

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    I think I figured out why Grohl is so awesome; he's had a great career, made great albums and made lots of money, the dude's in his 40's and he's still as passionate about music as a kid with a guitar and a dream learning cover songs in his dad's garage.
    The 'tards spelt 'Ghost' wrong, again. Really looking forward to hearing some more covers. I'd love to hear them do something by The Doors.
    Ghost B.C. is for USA (or america, don't remember). As an english website, why don't you just write Ghost, which is the real name of the band ? PS : their gig at Hellfest was awesome !
    Pretty sure UG is a Russian website.
    You're right, my bad ! But this doesn't affect my first comment, there is no "BC" for Ghost in Russia
    These guys were on the stage I was working earlier in the year. I was pleasantly surprised by them. They were still in full costume having played their set and two other bands had followed them. Towards the end of the night, as I was loading some gear into the truck I was a couple of guys that I didn't recognise walking out the back of the trailer. "Thanks for the help today." Said one as he walked by. I was trying to figure out who they were since I didn't recall either of them. When I went in to the rear of the truck there were a bunch of suitcases that neither I, nor my workmates had placed in there. Ghost's costumes. They were gone by the time I was done and I don't know their real names, nor could I pic them out of a line up...
    Scott O
    How do you take a dump when you're wearing one of those big robes, ya know?