Dave Lombardo's Philm Releasing New Album 'Fire From the Evening Sun' Around July

Former Slayer drummer also announces follow-up EP, details inside.

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Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo shared details of the new Philm album "Fire From the Evening Sun," expressing hope for a July release.

"We're waiting to lock in a record label," Dave told Capital Chaos TV. "Hopefully in July we'll have it released. We're gonna put it out on vinyl, as well as CD and digital download."

Announcing the "Fire From the Evening Sun" title and 12 new songs, the drummer went on to compare the effort with the band's 2012 debut "Harmonic," saying, "We didn't accept any boundaries on ['Harmonic'], we just wanted to experiment. The second album - the songs are more concise, a little more solid, instead of the loose structures that we had on the first album."

Discussing Philm's studio approach, Lombardo noted, "We improvise everything first and then the engineer, which is my son, he cuts the songs, we arrange them and that's how we create our music."

The group seems to be in a very creative mode right now, since Dave has also confirmed having five more fresh tracks ready to be released as a separate EP nine months later. Stay tuned for more info, check out the full interview and "Held in Light" video below.

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    Not a big fan of Slayer and never heard of this band but that was actually a pretty sweet song
    Dave Lombardo isn't just one of the best metal drummers ever to sit behind a kit he's just an amazing drummer period... and a class act. I'm looking forward to the album.
    Out of the 4 Slayer guys, Lombardo has definiely aged the best. Heck, he doesn't look a day over 46. The song's not bad at all. Definitely a different genre than Slayer. Nice to see Dave's range.
    Saw an article last week. Lombardo is actually seeing the bright side of leaving Slayer. He felt very constricted having to write drum parts for Slayer songs. He wants to do all kinds of different music and now he can.
    Philm is a pretty good band. If he couldn't be in Slayer, I'm glad that he's still putting out music with these guys.
    good! Now Lombardo can show that he has variety about drumming, not only in metal,he can play any genre. Good for him, I´ll be looking forward for this
    Damn, that sounds good! Glad to see Lombardo doing a non-thrash, yet heavy project. I mean, I love thrash, but this is amazing. More punk if anything (which is a good thing imo)
    my band opened for these guys at Whisky a gogo in LA....Dave was real cool