Dave Mustaine '100% Confident' With New Album

Although, Megadeth fans weren't impressed with the first stream from their new album.

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Dave Mustaine has defended his new Megadeth album "Super Collider," calling it "one of the band's best records."

A stream of the title track from the album, which is released in full on June 4, had a mixed reaction from UG readers with many expecting better from the band.

But that doesn't phase Mustaine, who says it is one of the best album recordings of his career.

"I think 'Super Collider' probably is gonna be one of our best records. And there's only been one other time in my career I felt like every single thing was in its place and that was 'Countdown to Extinction,'" he told Kilo Radio (via Blabbermouth). "'Countdown ...' was perfect. Every single thing was perfect. And this is the first record I've done since then which I'm absolutely 100 percent confident and satisfied with everything on the record."

Speaking about the song itself, Mustaine says it came together quickly. "I was listening through some old riffs from a while ago and found that song, added a couple of little pieces to complete the song, and before you knew it, the song was done," he said. "That's only happened a couple other times in my career."

Meanwhile, Megadeth will be touring with Iron Maiden across the US this summer, and will also visit Europe and South America for a series of live dates this year to promote the new album.

In 2014, Mustaine's activities will take a drastic turn when he collaborates with the San Diego Symphony orchestra to play dark classical songs.

What was your impression of the "Super Collider" song stream, and how does it affect your expectations of the final album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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    I'm gonna reserve judgement till the album comes out but if that single is similar to the rest of the album I doubt it will be one of their best.
    I always thought of Rust in Peace as Megadeth's perfect album, not one single filler track. Hell, even Dawn Patrol sets up a the mood for the title track.
    so he's 100% satisfied with with every song on the album, including the title track? either he set the bar really low this time or it was just the odd turd in the bunch, I'm hoping it's the latter
    Let's wait and see. The single isn't bad, it's just not the megadeth type of goodness I was expecting and for all I know, every artist always says that their newest album is fantastic and their favourite.
    Isn't that the phrase all musicians say before releasing a new album? I'm looking forward to hearing the album, but Dave speaks a bit banal.
    No wonder the title track was so mediocre. Just like the last album, it was based on old unused riffs. If they were any good they would have been used already. I hope the rest of the album is better.
    Dave, you have been listening through some old riffs and found a song with literally no riffs at all...Anyway, you've made last record from your old riffs and songs!! Don't you write any new material?!?!?!
    It's kind of a shame that the final material that's been publicly released so far (The title track and the preview of Don't Turn Your Back) is pretty dissatisfying, especially compared to some of the stuff from their studio updates which actually sounds pretty promising. Not going to judge it until I've listened to the whole album, but so far it's a step down from Thirteen in my opinion.
    Josh Reubenking
    He always says his upcoming records are one of Megadeth's best. To me, TH1RTE3N was pretty crappy overall, maybe with one or two good songs. Endgame was great. But he's been trying to beat 'Countdown to Extinction' and 'Rust in Peace' for years. He hasn't and probably won't ever beat those records. I haven't heard the title track "Super Collider" but I heard the "Don't Turn Your Back" snippet. Which I thought was decent, but could be better. Guess we'll have to wait and see when this album comes out.
    I don't really like how he describes the way the song came together... "basically I had a turd and tried to polish it" is what it sounds like. I was already worried because I felt that the album came together really fast from the time it was announced they were recording a new album. It has rush job written all over it. I know there will be a few great tracks on there, but the last few albums have had a heap of filler amongst the gems. I don't know why they can't take their time because it's not like they ever incorporate a lot of new tracks into their setlists anyway.
    I liked the single. I baught it on amazon yesterday....I've got to buy the full album now
    If you didn't like what you baught yesterday you can probably get Amazon to give you your money bauch. Don't worry abaught it too much tho.
    I'm gonna take Dave's word for it until the actually album comes out. He is obviously confident about it enough to say that he hasn't felt this good about an album since CTE, which is a pretty strong statement.
    Thought it was pretty tame. If you're singing about a machine that smashes particles together as fast as lightning, then you at least have to try and match that speed and intensity in the song. This was just another forgettable, mid-tempo Megadeth song.
    The title track just didn't do it for me. It sounded like Cryptic Writings mixed with Youthanasia and Th1rt3en. I mean, I love Cryptic Writings and Youthanasia and Th1rt3en! Just the mix of the CW and Youth with the 13 voice just wasn't that great. Just something about it. I'm not gonna judge though. The lower my expectations are, the more my brain will be blown!
    To be fair, doesn't every musician say things like this? I mean, if you're trying to promote your album it wouldn't help to go "This album actually sucks, you shouldn't buy it".
    Am I the only one that doesn't hate the song. Granted it's not Dave's 'classic' sound, but it's a pretty decent song for what he was going for - catchy hook, repetitive chorus, simple strong structure, solid solo, ect. I get a feeling it's gonna be a diverse album, so I'm sure there'll be tracks akin to 'Sudden Death' or 'Headcrusher' but I'm more looking forward to the few experimental tracks (especially the one with Draiman, eventhough I don't really care for Disturbed).
    I'm gonna wait to judge the album until I can listen to it in full but the Super Collider single was pretty bad. It sounded like it could've been a b-side off Risk.
    Just heard the title track. To me sounds like AC/DC meets Bullet For My Valentine. Wtf for the day! Not the worst i've heard tho.
    Judge it as you wish, but for Dave to be playing as he is at the age he is even after having issues with his left hand about a decade ago is an amazing feat.
    No matter whether it's incredible or total crap, no artist is going to say anything other than positive platitudes before it goes on sale. They want the coin.
    Ot was a good song just not what were used to and also ive heard musicians say that their mext records are sock and great and one of their best but never have i seen such assurance in an album with the production value ive heard so far and all the studio updates ive heard itll be a top 5 megadeth album
    I'm so sure I read on UG around the time that Thirteen was coming out he said nearly exactly the same thing. 100% confidence is the expected response for promoting your upcoming album. We can save judgements until it actually comes out. Needless to say, I can't wait!
    We already have to sneak peaks for Super Collider, The Title track and "Don't Turn your back", the 2 of them are different...but I think the rest of the album is better. I believe sneak peaks are for radio friendly stuff.
    I have a feeling this record's going to have a lot of filler like their last records have, but they're still not going to be *bad*.
    I don't know about new Megadeth, but I am interested in this "dark classical" thingy.
    Is Dave ever unconfident about anything? let's wager that it'll probably rock in places but it still won't be anything near as good as Endgame. On the flip side, someone who is going to play orchestral music on a guitar after not so long ago saying he thought his neck would make it so he could never play guitar ever again, i say fair play. Looking forward to it.
    This man is a true work horse, he keeps feeding us with solid albums every 2-3 years, can't wait !
    Hey guys just wanted to say i don't agree with all the reasons for the hate on the new album. It is not thrash and it's not really heavy metal, i can agree. But not a good track? Guys it's a good rock track if it'd be good coming from anyone it's good coming from them. Risk honestly wasn't horrible either. This album will be different, but we know that Megadeth can do thrash. That's been proven and we can't deny that fact at all. So what, they branch out and we beat them down? That isn't what music is. Let them do what they like, and see if you can enjoy it on it's own.
    The Megadeth we remember and love, like Metallica, died in the early 90's.
    Haha. I so called this... Dave just can't help himself in comparing whatever album he's working on to previous ones, and referring to it as "one of their best". It may fool newbies, but some of us remember that you said the same things about The World Needs A Hero.