Dave Mustaine Talks New Megadeth Album Writing Process

"Writing a record takes a lot of time," he says.

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During a brand new interview with Chile's Radio Futuro, Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine was asked about his recent revelation that he was "studying a lot of world history and a lot of crazy science stuff for new lyrics" that will presumably be included on the band's next studio album.

"Writing a record takes a lot of time," Dave said (via Blabbermouth). "And when you finish a record, there's kind of like a period after an animal gives birth to another living creature it has to heal and it has to get its strength back then, within a short period of time, it's ready to rock again.

"I think right now, with going out and doing Gigantour after we finished 'Super Collider' and being with a new record label and having David Ellefson [bass] playing with us again, and the Iron Maiden tour and the [Black] Sabbath tour and everything, all these things that are going in the right direction for us, it's just exciting and it makes us wanna play.

"Shawn [Drover, drums] and David and I have all talked. Chris [Broderick, guitar] talked a little bit about it, too about us starting to write music for the new record. And I think that when you have a band like Megadeth, you've gotta spend time writing the songs. There's so many different talented writers there, if you don't listen to everybody's ideas, it would be kind of stupid."

Mustaine also spoke about his daughter, Electra, performing a cover version of the Megadeth song "A Tout Le Monde" on a Seattle-area TV show. "Yeah, that surprised me," he said. "I didn't know she was doing that. I know she sings, but I didn't know she was gonna sing 'A Tout Le Monde'."

He added: "She has a great voice. She sings better than I do. She loves music, that's for sure."

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    BTW, that cover they mention is pretty f-ing cool
    Damn, Dave has a hot daughter, I didn't even know that he has a daughter. I can see where she got the hair from though, lol.
    This is one of the biggest win's for a parent, children singing theyr songs... perfect...
    She's a good singer but the choice of harmonies were pretty bad :/ There's something that just doesn't sound nice about using perfect 4/5 often.
    I like to imagine that UG has thousands of cameras hidden around Dave's house and touring bus, just so they can get everything he says into an article.
    Marty will never return, but at least get Menza back in the band.
    Dave's gone on record saying that if there was another line-up change he'd call it quits. Whether or not you believe that it up to you, but honestly Broderick and Drover are more than equipped to be members of Megadeth. Leave RIP where it belongs.
    Menza would be better than Drover if he would join again, but given that Dave won't play some of the harder stuff from Peace Sells (Black Friday, Bad Omen) and doesn't play stuff from KIMB too often Shawn is fine, and he's not going to find a better guitarist than Chris, he can replicate solos perfectly live, almost as if he wrote them, I saw them play "Tornado of Souls" tonight and Chris nailed that solo, and Marty is no easy guitarist to replicate.
    Happy to hear about this. Super Collider was a great record, and I'm sure this next one will be too!
    Jacques Nel
    How many times have we read this article, just rephrased and with a different picture each time?
    I still have no finished listening to Endgame, so many albums to keep up with.
    I recently listened to Endgame for this first time. Really solid album, I think you'll like it.