David Draiman Confirmed as Guest Singer on the New Megadeth Album

Disturbed frontman set to appear on two new "Super Collider" tracks.

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has officially announced David Draiman of Disturbed as a special guest vocalist on the group's forthcoming release "Super Collider." According to Mustaine, Draiman gave his contribution to the new record by singing on a total of 2 tracks titled "Forget To Remember" and "Dance In The Rain." "Big thanks to David Draiman for vocal/singing help on 'Super Collider'. Can't wait to see Device live!" the frontman said via his Twitter account.

"It's true!' David Draiman delivered on 'Forget To Remember' and 'Dance In The Rain.' The songs are way better too!"

Draiman himself has stated it was an "honor and a privilege" to perform on the new Megadeth release, giving Mustaine "all respect."

So it appears we finally got an answer to the question of the special guest vocalist mentioned by Megadeth during last month. However, details regarding yet another guest singer, country legend Willie Nelson, still remain unknown. It was recently revealed that Nelson might perform on the song titled "The Blackest Crow", but the information is yet to be confirmed at the moment. "Super Collider" is set for a June 4 release via Mustaine's own record label Tradecraft, powered by Universal Records. With Johnny K. (Disturbed, Sevendust, Machine Head, Staind) at the helm of production, the "Th1rt3en" follow-up will mark the 14th release in the band's catalogue and the first one not to feature a lineup change from the preceding record since 1997 and "Cryptic Writings." As far as current activity from David Draiman goes, the singer is busy with his new band Device, with whom he is preparing for the self-titled debut album release on April 9 via Warner Bros. Records. You can check out the recently streamed new single "You Think You Know" at the following link.

Tis' true! David Draiman delivered on "Forget To Remember" and "Dance In The Rain:" The songs are way better too! fb.me/23ol2E7L6

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) March 31, 2013

Big thanks to @davidmdraiman for vocal/singing help on Super Collider! Cant wait to see Device live! @devicetheband @disturbed

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) March 31, 2013

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    Seems like David's working on everything except for Disturbed.
    What would you do if your main band went on a break? Piss and moan about it, begging for a premature reunion, or would you make the most of it with other, exciting new projects and collaborations?
    Misleading and incorrect headline. According to David's Facebook post, he didn't sing on those tracks, only co-wrote them.
    Not april fool's. Just check Mustaine's twitter account. Those quotes are genuine.
    So...MegaDave couldn't possibly be pulling an AF joke?
    Oh sure he can, but that's not the way UG rolls. Usually you can identify April fool's articles on UG by looking at sources.
    It's mot april fools. The writer of this story just understood Daves post wrong. DAVID IS NOT SINGING ON SUPER COLLIDER. David gave Dave tips on singing and co-wrote some songs. IF you still don't believe, go check Draimans post on Disturbed facebook page. PS. Ultimateguitar...check your facts before u put these online.
    UG, Blabbermouth did a report on this a few days ago, and there is a Facebook post where David says he was NOT singing on the record, just co-writing a few songs
    Yeah, thank CHRIST Draiman doesn't have any vocal parts on the album. It seems pretty clear he is JUST writing for a couple of songs, you gotta read this stuff carefully: "Big thanks to @DAVIDMDRAIMAN for vocal/singing help on Super Collider!" "Tis' true! David Draiman delivered on "Forget To Remember" and "Dance In The Rain:" The songs are way better too!" This clearly eludes to the songwriting, not vocals. I keep seeing headlines talking about Draiman being confirmed as a guest vocalist, but at no point does either one of them say this. And once again, thank Vishnu for that... I can't stand Disturbed... chief reason being his vocals. Although I can see where the confusion might come in. It does seem a bit strange for a band who has one guy write 99% of the songs (with occasional input from other band members) to bring in a guy from a different band to write a few parts to a couple of songs. Just seems weird to me. But, I'm pretty sure Willie Nelson is the guest vocalist. I doubt there will be more than one.
    Honestly, it seems more like he is announcing him as a guest singer there
    Yeah but David said on Disrutbed facebook page that he is NOT singing on the album
    Sweet! Looking forward to Super Collider even more now! Oh, and I think that song's called "The Blackest Crow".
    When I buy a Megadeth record, I wanna hear Megadeth. What is it with all the "guest singer" crap these days. If this guy was on it, It'd be the first Megadeth album I'd have to listen to before buying. Glad that he's not singing.
    Ok guys, not every article has to be a joke y'know. Everyone knows Nu-Metal isn't relevant anymore.
    Wow what a waste... I don't hate the guy or anything, I just think out of ALL the singers he could of had done guest vocals, he could of picked one that could of added something interesting and be less predictable vocal-wise. I would of loved for Devin Townsend, Warrel Dane or Mikael Akerfeldt to guest on the album. Hope I am proved completely wrong and Draiman kills it on those tracks. Bring on the Album!
    Well I bet you like the news that Draiman is not singing on the album.. UG understood Dave wrong....Draiman gave Dave tips in singing.."helped" and co wrote some songs
    April Fool's, guys. Draiman did production work for MegaDave
    just because its april 1st it doesn't mean every thing you read is a joke
    This should be interesting. And i happen to used to enjoy Disturbed, alot. When i was 11, 12, 13 i believe... I listened to Ten Thousand Fists alot, and then i got Indestructible and thought it was alright... I sorta grew out of them and embraced better metal.
    Mustaine put those up yesterday if you look at his twitter account and a month ago i heard a rumour it was drainman
    Draiman should be replacing Mustaine as a singer entirely. Mustaine's the **** who should have been shot on 8 December 2004. Not Dimebag.
    I normally don't comment on UG News posts, or respond to peoples comments. But seriously, dude? WTF Is wrong with you? Great you dislike Dave's singing or Megadeth or whatever. How the f-ck is that even relevant? Why bring up what happen to Dime, and allude to the idea that Mustaine should've been killed instead? What kind of loser are you, that you use the tragedy of another to post inflammatory comments about an artist because you dislike them? You're absolutely pathetic. Grow up.
    Ugh...you're trying to hard.
    He's not trolling. He put that up as a flameshield so people don't see how much of a shitty human being he actually is. "Ooh, people don't like what I said... Better say I was trolling." Grow a pair, son.
    What is the purpose of trolling? I get the idea is making stupid comments so people will talk to you, but is getting replies so validating to you that you don't even care that they are all negative?