David Draiman Ends Up Singing on the New Megadeth Album

After initially giving his writing contribution to "Super Collider," the frontman will now also appear as the guest vocalist.

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Disturbed frontman David Draiman has decided to give fans an update on the current situation of his musical career, primarily focusing on "a few common misconceptions" regarding his latest project Device, as well as his work on the new Megadeth release "Super Collider."

In his signature Caps Lock style, the singer has discussed his latest collaboration with Megadeth on their forthcoming record "Super Collider." Apart from initially giving his writing contribution on two tracks, Draiman eventually ended up singing on the new album, and according to Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine, "it sounds amazing."

The frontman has also stressed out that his work with Device does not mean that Disturbed has come to its end, adding once again that there will be another Disturbed record "when the time is right." According to Draiman, all members of the metal four-piece are in good terms and supportive of each other and the projects some of them are currently involved with.

"Disturbed is not broken up. This is a hiatus (extended break). The giant is sleeping, not dead. The existence of my new project, Device, in no way indicates the end of Disturbed. It's another project, just like Maynard James Keenan from Tool has A Perfect Circle and Corey Taylor from Slipknot has Stone Sour. It's simply another musical outlet that came together quite accidentally, and I'm rather happy it did, because it's been quite fulfilling creatively. It is not meant to replace Disturbed, as nothing possibly could," the singer stated via official Facebook page.

"The members of Disturbed are all on great terms with one another. We message one another frequently and are supportive of each others' respective endeavors. There will eventually be another Disturbed record when the time is right, when we are ready to come back and feel full of fire and inspiration to light up the machine once again."

As far as the Device goes, the band is currently getting ready for tomorrow's release of their self-titled debut studio effort via Warner Records. The entire album was recently streamed online in full, with Draiman saying he is "very excited about this record."

Tis' true! David Draiman delivered on "Forget To Remember" and "Dance In The Rain:" The songs are way better too! fb.me/23ol2E7L6

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) March 31, 2013

David Draiman ended up singing on Super Collider. It sounds amazing! @davidmdraiman

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) April 4, 2013

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    Most times when Im pooping it reminds me of Mustaine and his crappy band.....
    Am I the only one that thinks this is actually cool lol? I think he's an awesome vocalist, listen to the chorus at 1:26 in this song the dude's got a shitload of vocal power
    matteo cubano
    yeah but its his melodies that get repetitive and old
    Agreed. Everything he sings sounds the same.
    and Mustaine's singing doesn't sound the same? C'mon now that's like saying Slayer doesn't always sound the same.
    with Disturbed that might be true, but this is megadeth we're talking about here. Mustaine and Donnegen have completely different playing styles so I'm pretty sure those 2 songs will sound completely different than anything he's ever done before. All I'm saying is people should give the songs a chance before judging them, besides if Mustaine thinks the songs sound amazing then he's probably right!
    I don't think I'm hearing what you're hearing. He is a decent enough vocalist, but I don't feel like the part you're pointing out proves that any more than anything else he's ever done. Actually, I think it proves your point less than a lot of his other work. I don't understand how what he's doing with his voice on the part at 1:26 is any more impressive than what he's doing in the rest of the song.
    well no the part I'm talking about is the chorus [where he's like "..and feel you die"] about 10 seconds after 1:26, I just chose 1:26 because it built up nicely to it. Not saying it's different than anything he's done before but it essentially highlights the amount of raw power in his voice
    he said that nothing could replace disturbed. now, I'm a fan... but almost any band could replace disturbed.
    N4 I RockDude
    Whyyyyy.....This is so bad.
    I know what you mean; when I saw UG's other article where they said he'd be singing on it I was so relieved when the comments were correcting it. Now it's real and there are 2 songs I'll probably like a lot less for this. Let's hope he doesn't sing a big part
    It's not that I'm judging the book by the cover, I still wanna listen to the album to form a solid opinion, but... I hate this guy's voice so much. I would want to kill him if he sang a lullaby.
    Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I'm still looking forward to the album because I love Megadeth but I can't stand David Draiman's voice.
    I wonder if he was the one who inspired James Hetfield to shout "AH!" every 5 seconds...
    He's been doing that at the end of every line since they've been playing as Metallica. Long before Distrubed came along, anyway. ...unless you're implying that Dave Mustaine is the one who encouraged it, and that's part of why he's enjoying working with Draiman.
    I don't really mind Disturbed outside of Draiman's voice, but he really kills it.
    K i just habe to state dave mustaine is not a good singer but his oice has always been the best fit for the fact hes written 98.2% of al megadeth lyrics, next off drainman isnt singing on 2 songs he gave writing credits for 2 songs and hes singing with dave on the song dancing in the rain. Look if your a megadeth fan theres 13 new songs coming out 12 with dave on vocals and 1 with drainman i dont feel drainmans voice is really that bad to be honest its unique and this is an experiment atleast they didnt get lou reed -_- just shutup and enjoy it when it comes
    "Ooh Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah?"
    lol! David does say that alot, doesn't he? Draiman is a douchebag anyway! I remember seeing him on the 10,000 fists tour in Ireland and he started spouting nonsense about the raised fist being a symbol for crushing rebellion! I mean really Draiman? Rebellion is how my country regained it's freedom and Independance from a colonial superpower, don't force your fascist zionist values on a people who fought/struggled for freedom, and paid to see your show! Actually thinking about it, I can see how Mustaine and Draiman might be of a similar mindset.
    Wait, wait, wait, wait... a raised fist as a symbol AGAINST rebellion? What the hell has he been smoking?
    He's an idiot. I can understand not knowing the history of every country you visit, most bands don't bother doing a little research, but rock and metal music is fundamentally a rebellious art form. The crowd was stupid and cheered anyway. I guess their meathead fanbase don't know any better.
    .....if drainman was a zionist he wouldnt get along with mustaine at all zionist goes along towards alot of conspiracy crap and mustaines a christian conspiracist man.....at the end of the day i think this will be a song that all you guys are chirping before you know how it sounds then youll all change your minds when it comes out and say its sick and pretend you didnt chirp, although not every person will think its good guranteed when its released alot more praise will come of it then there is now enjopy the music
    He is zionist, or at least he's an agnostic supporter of the zionist cause, you can read his comments on the Israeli conflict.
    If i have any sense i would say youre weong because your the only one on. This oage calling him a zionist but with no sense at all ill agree he must be a zuonist for havin political opinions agaisnt rebellion....
    @Mustaine1940: "if drainman was a zionist he wouldnt get along with mustaine at all zionist goes along towards alot of conspiracy crap and mustaines a christian conspiracist man" Um...what? That line is completely nonsensical. @FenderMaster: Being supportive of the Israeli conflict does NOT make one a Zionist (or a Zionist supporter). You clearly don't know what Zionism is.
    I know what zionism is, and anyone who supports the Israeli conflict is supporting a country with fundamentally zionist foreign and domestic policy. What I've seen and heard from him is pretty much that he's agnostic, but his family are practicing zionist Jews. He supports Israel in it's attempts to crush any resistance against the Israeli regardless of means, collateral damage, ethics or international law. He's a right wing fascist.
    Pretty sure Draiman's views have zero to do with zionism...
    I dunno, I've heard him make some pretty right wing comments, and the comments he made in that show were pretty offensive to Irish people, or anybody who believes in fighting against oppression or foreign occupation. That has nothing to do with music though I guess, I just dislike his vocals and find his band one dimensional and creatively bankrupt.
    @FenderMaster: That's great. What does that have to do with Zionism? Because if you think views like that have anything to do with Zionism, then you clearly have no idea what it is.
    what is your problem ? Im not a fan of Disturbed, Ive heard just few songs, but Draiman is great vocalist, for example listen to the Inside the Fire or Stricken, great vocal lines.
    I may not be the biggest disturbed fan but come on people David created a new sound with his ape screaming lol but wow lets all hate on originallity considering most garbage u hear on the radio has been done so many times before and I think somethinggood will come of this partnership something new which shouldn't be discriminated have an open mind and don't be scared to like something someone else hates
    No doubt ehh how bout we listen to whats been done a million tomes instead of getting a new megadeth album with 13 songs where 1 song features a guest appearance..... Frieg if i had any sense id have to say theres a chance lou reed and metallica mighta had less complaining
    I can't see this tbh, and i'm not a Disturbed fan at all. Sounds more like 2 tracks i will have to skip now...
    Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Draiman is actually SINGING on Super Collider. Hell yes!
    The irony is that Draiman actually 'sings' (instead of reciting on a rhythm) on f.e. Down with the Sickness more than he does nowadays. Poor man. Seems like he isn't able to anything right.
    David Draiman shouldn't sing on anything, anywhere, at any time.
    Abacus11 shouldn't post anything,anywhere at any time. It's attitudes like yours that prevent metal bands from collaborating with each other, jeez it's just 2 songs quit being so butt-hurt. I'm gonna take a guess here and say that down with the sickness is the only disturbed song you've ever listened to.
    Wait... Ohhh I get it! You took what I said and turned... oh YOU!!! Anyway, yeah I've never listened to a Disturbed song on purpose. I wouldn't do that to myself because I don't hate myself. I remember being subjected to a few songs years back, they all sounded the same to me. Not "butthurt" or whatever super-cool thing you're saying, I just think that making stupid sounds instead of actually singing is dumb. Maybe Donkey Kong will lay down some guest vocals on the next Metallica record. That would be so sweet. For real.
    lol man calm down. I hate the "ooh ahh ahh ahh" crap too, as well as their first album but fact is you are extremely exaggerating how much he uses it especially with their more recent releases. I'm not even a big fan of disturbed they can be very repetitive and if you can't stand them that's fine, skip over the songs or whatever.
    I really don't think he's exaggerating. I've heard at least every single they've ever put out and a lot of their other songs, too. I can only remember one or two songs of theirs from the last 10+ years (that I've heard) that doesn't feature either an "Oooh ah-ah-ah-ah" or an "Auch, auch," or both, and they were a some of their more mellow songs.
    link no1
    I pretty much hate Disturbed and their mediocre, same old same old songs but I have to say, I can't recall him doing the stupid noises on much more than 'Down with the Sickness'...
    In other words, two songs on the album will feature an actually good singer, instead of a screaming douche!
    By "good singer" you mean a nu-metal loser doing his best monkey impression aka "Ooh ah-ah-ah-ah!" ??? P.S. Dave Mustaine has never recorded a single scream on a Megadeth record or at all as far as I've heard. His voice is more of a growl... which is still a million times better than a nu-metal jackoff making chimp noises.
    I have no idea why this was downvoted. Even if you do like Megadeth, you can't say Mustaine is a good vocalist.
    You're going to tell me that Ozzy is good? C'mon there have been bunch of bands with average vocalists, but they fitted the purpose and their voices without being great became a signature of their unique sound.
    Come on, Ozzy had a beast of a voice during the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Sabotage years.
    Yeah because most popular metal bands have amazing vocalists right
    link no1
    Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scar Symmetry, Metallica, Nightwish, Lost Horizon, Firewind, Gamma Ray, Shear...
    Sometimes I just like sitting down facing southward, and wish for my body to mutate into a watermelon/reptile crossover.
    losing battle
    I'm not buying "super-colider" now I had a little bit of hope for this albulm but now its completely gone.
    Obviously it's wrong to jump to conclusions and make judgements this early on, but I'd be lying if I said this doesn't make me feel very, very, very, very nervous.....