Deep Purple Confirm New Album

The untitled new record will be released in April. They also uncovered details about a limited edition box set of their legendary 1974 performance at the California Jam.

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Deep Purple will release a brand new album in April next year.

It will be their 19th LP, and follows 2005's "Rapture In The Deep". Producer Bob Ezrin is at the helm, and it's said to match the spirit of their classic 79s sound with fresh modern production.

No album title has been revealed, but track titles will include "Out Of Hand", "Hell To Pay", "Weirdistan" and "Uncommon Man". A tribute to their keyboardist Jon Lord, who died in July, will be titled "Above And Beyond".

"There's a big question mark over the [album] name at the moment," singer Ian Gillian told. "And possibly an exclamation mark as well. All will become clear, as mud, later on."

Meanwhile, a limited edition Deep Purple collector's book called "Deep Purple At The California Jam" will be available soon. It documents the day the band appeared before 165,000 fans at the Ontario Speedway in 1974 with hundreds of unseen photographs from front and backstage.

A signed edition, including the signature of Jon Lord before he died, is bound in purple leather and includes a double vinyl recording of the performance.

You'll have to be quick - only 350 copies will be available, at 300 ($484) each. If that's too pricey, there's also a 200 ($322) vinyl edition and standard edition for 120 ($194).

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    I didn't even know that they were still releasing music. I thought that they were just touring. Hopefully it will be good. Ian Gillian is a fantastic singer.
    Has anyone actually listned to their recent albums? Purpendicular and Rapture were both brilliant. And they're still damned good live
    I wouldn't do it if I were them.... that being said, if all other old skool can do it, why not them?
    Steve Morse is technically a brilliant guitarist in his own right, just really boring. His vibrator is cringe inducing and he always feels the need to butcher the slower songs with mindless chromatic wank. Not to mention his tone is god awful. I much preferred Tommy Bolin and Satch as replacements for RB.
    Rapture of the Deep is a wicked album - their performance at Montreaux in support of the was killer.
    Really not stoked. I thought Rapture had its moments but was ultimately unmemorable
    i love it when old dudes give shit to everything and are ready to record an album ...let me be a little optimistic right now..what if they make another of those "smoke on the water" kind? another that will be remembered for the next 70 years maybe !! ! how would we all who were born in the late 80s say "i wish i was young back in the 70's" feel? i am really excited for this...maybe in a weird way but hell i'll spin the album!