Deep Purple Post New Album Teaser

Hard rock legends reveal new record teaser video and release dates.

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Hard rock legends Deep Purple are set to release their 19th studio album in April via earMusic record label. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, KISS, Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, Kansas) at the helm of production, the record will consist of 13 new tracks rumored "to be the perfect match from the original spirit of '70s Purple, and a fresh and modern production."

Some of the song titles include "Out Of Hand", "Hell To Pay", "Weirdistan", "Uncommon Man" as well as "Above And Beyond", a track dedicated to the late keyboard player Jon Lord.

"It doesn't really come from the head. It comes from everything: instinct, the body, the fingers, the playing, the singing... it's what feels good. It's very difficult to define what a Deep Purple song is; it's whatever we do, actually - we write the rules", says bassist Roger Glover.

The latest Deep Purple album, "Rapture Of The Deep", was released back in November 2005 peaking at No. 43 on Billboard's USA "Top Independent Albums" Chart with 2,500 copies sold within the first week. Therefore, the new record will be the first one in seven years and is set for a global release on the following dates:

Apr 26 Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Spain Apr 29 UK, France, Benelux, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark Apr 30 North America, Italy May 1 Sweden

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So are excited about the rock legends returning or what? It's been a long time since the last album, so you're probably looking forward to this one. Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    It's been a long time since the last album, so I'm looking forward to this one. That is just what I think.
    The song reminds me of "Woman from Tokyo" with horns added. I'm really looking forward to this record. A new fresh album from the good old Purple. Even at their current age, the guys still got it.
    sounds a little... interesting, to say the least. seems like theyve ventured into some new territory. Doesnt sound like the deep purple of the 70's, not sure what to expect really
    If you haven't listened to any of their more recent albums, you should check them out. At one time I listened to a few of the newer songs from their catalogue and was surprised how good they were!
    to be honest, i haven't, which is probably why it sounds so unfamiliar. all ive really listened to were their old classics so ill get on that
    I really hope they've made a great record. Ian Gillan needs to change his style. He can't do his screams any more so it needs to be reigned in and they could do with something fresh in terms of lyrical expression. I do hope its a good one because they have such a fantastic catalogue and they deserve to be up there with Sabbath and Led Zep
    They are up there with Sabbath and LZ in terms of importance to Heavy Metal/Hard Rock. All 3 of those bands were major influences on many Heavy Metal guitarists (whether directly or indirectly).
    Steve Morse is an undeniably great guitarist, but he just doesn't have the 'magic' that Blackmore has. Just my opinion of course.
    You had a -1 vote but I canceled it out because you said it was just your opinion, and it just also happens to be mine too. Alot of great musicians have been in the band but Blackmoore is Deep Purple.
    As expected, the comment section quickly has divided themselves into the nay-sayers (ex. "No as good as the old stuff", "They were only good in the old days", "Why haven't they stopped yet?"), and the defenders (ex. "They can do whatever they want, they don't pamper for what the fans want", "Yeah, they sound different than before, but it's still awsome", "Still better than the crap of today") And me? 99% defender, 1% nay-sayer. The new stuff is awsome, but there is no denying in that the old stuff was better - but it would be ridicoulus to expect a better quality album as everything progresses - It's like disliking all new Radiohead albums, because they don't measure up to OK Computer - it's a dumb, unrealistic, and unappreciative way to act. I'm just happy that the new material is above "decent" IMHO.
    sounds good i think. i'm expecting them to finally find the perfect mix between their new sound and their roots on this one.
    Sounds better than the majority of the CRAP the younger artists are putting out the last 20 years.....
    Totally different band to the 70's and 80's, no Blackmore or Lord, so keep that in mind when comparing this to the old stuff. I wish them luck though, sounds alright until the cheesy keys come in.
    anvil is god
    I wish I could be excited for this. Machine Head and Burn are flat out masterpieces, but this is... uninspiring. Sometimes a band goes past their glory, and this has happened.
    DP went past their glory a long time ago. Blackmore got more interested in his side-projects than in the band itself, and the whole band basically fell apart.
    There are a bucket of hidden post-Blackmore gems. Sometimes I feel like screaming is beyond amazing, and the album bananas from early 00's was pretty cool.
    The second that drum kicks in, you KNOW it's Deep Purple. I'll be interested to hear the full album.
    If you don't think that this sounds good and that Deep Purple has done nothing good since the 70s and 80s, you must be boring as hell. Sure, Ritchie and Jon were incredibly talented musicians, but Steve Morse and Don Airey are more than worthy replacements. Also, this:
    Sounds like a minor Emerson Lake & Palmer influence. Not a bad thing, but not really getting the blood pumping either. This clip certainly doesn't atten ELP epicness, but I guess you'd need to hear more to really judge.