Deep Purple To Be 'In Full Writing Mode Around February'

Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan was recently asked when fans can expect to hear the band's new studio album.

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Debbie Bennett of Express & Star recently asked Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan when fans can expect to hear the band's new studio album.

"No one's done any writing yet," said Gillan. "I've got about 50 songs in my library at the moment, but they're not for Deep Purple."

During a brief break in the band's tour this year, Gillan recorded a solo album "One Eye To Morocco", released earlier this year.

"We always start from scratch, with nothing," he continued. "We'll need to take a decent break, a month off. Then hopefully we'll all be in high spirits and I reckon we'll be in full writing mode around February."

Deep Purple's current long tour is to mark the band's 40th anniversary. "I'm not being funny," Ian said, "but we've never named it the 40th year tour! We just got sick of calling it 'Rapture of the Deep'. It's actually a five-year tour that we're doing. We just love it."

Deep Purple has a new live album in the works called "Space Truckin' Round the World Live 68-76". According to Classic Rock magazine, the two-disc set due out this month will feature rare live recordings from various concerts all over the world, including gigs in Tokyo, Paris and San Diego. The compilation, which features multiple band line-ups, will also feature a detailed history of the group, individual concert details and photos. It's being released as part of the 10th anniversary of Purple Records the label that handles the band's music.

Deep Purple's 18th studio album, "Rapture Of The Deep", was released in November 2005. It is the fourth studio CD from Deep Purple since guitarist Steve Morse joined the band in 1994. It was also the second album to feature veteran keyboardist Don Airey.

"Rapture Of The Deep" was produced by Mike Bradford, who also worked on the band's previous release, 2003's "Bananas".

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    Seeing them tonight in Manchester, can't fecking wait! I like that they start all their writing from scratch as a band, guarantees a more collaborative approach to new music which can only be a good thing!