Deftones Definitely Writing New Album in 2014, Chino Moreno Clarifies

Record tentatively due later this year or in early 2015, the singer adds.

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As you might have noticed, there's definitely been some confusion among the Deftones fanbase over the past few weeks. Several statements from the band clearly indicated that the guys are aiming to release fresh material this year, apart from singer Chino Moreno's striking Rolling Stone comment about the group taking a year off.

However, the vocalist has now clarified the whole matter, telling Pulse of Radio that the new record will definitely be written during 2014, even giving a tentative release date. "I think we're all excited to make some noise together again, so I think right now we're looking at, planning-wise, of doing that, and hopefully have a record or material to go record by the end of the year or early next year," he said (via Blabbermouth).

In a separate Billboard interview, Moreno stressed that Deftones are definitely "eager to start writing," adding: "It's not like we can show up in each other's houses anymore; We have to plan it out and get into a room. We'll go lock ourselves in a room for a couple of weeks and start making some noise and see what comes out. We took that approach on the last couple of records and it seemed to work."

The band's latest studio effort, "Koi No Yokan," saw its release in November 2012 via Reprise Records.

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    They're definitely sure that there's a slim chance that they're possibly writing a new album in 2014.
    they mite be writing a album in 2014 but the catch is they haven't said that it will be released in 2014!
    Wasn't that Rolling Stone article from last September where Chino was talking about beginning to write an album in February of THIS year? If so, UG's belated posting of that article is the only reason for any confusion.