Deftones Heading Back To The Studio

artist: Deftones date: 05/03/2011 category: new releases
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Deftones Heading Back To The Studio
Sacramento metal legends Deftones are not about to let the momentum the band gained after last year's release of "Diamond Eyes" go to waste. Though the group are just about to wrap up a North American tour and have summer festival dates lurking on the calendar, they are already planning to record another album. "We're going to have a month off", frontman Chino Moreno told "But in that month, we're talking about going in and starting to write again, maybe even two or three weeks in a rehearsal spot just recording ideas and keeping it going, so if all goes well, hopefully we'll have some product for early next year." According to Moreno, the band writes at their best when they are locked in a room together. "Everyone has their own kind of little recording devices and are putting down ideas", said the 37-year-old singer, "but with a band like us we find that when we actually get together in a rehearsal spot where there's no distractions and we can work together cohesively as a band, that's really when we're writing songs. Even at sound check we'll jam and do things, but it's not like we ever stop and say, 'Okay, let's keep going on this,' because there's so many distractions. So we're not that good at working on the road. When we get home and we actually seclude ourselves in a little room, that's when it will start." Thanks for the report to Michael Wright,
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