Deftones 'Koi No Yokan' Tracklist And Single Revealed

A free download will also be available from next Tuesday, according to a post which the band's management took down - but not before we caught all the details.

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After an apparent mix up, Deftones accidentally gave a music blog permission to publish the "Koi No Yokan" track listing and single details before backtracking and asking the blog to take the page down.

"Due to an apparent mix-up, we were mistakenly given permission to share the final tracklist and details of the new single with you," wrote Antiquiet. "These details have been temporarily removed at the request of the band's management."

Fortunately the details are still cached on Google with the original post.

As we already know, the album "Koi No Yokan" will be out on November 13.

Now we can reveal that the lead single "Tempest" is due on October 9, and the song "Leathers" will be available as a free download next Tuesday on September 18.

Antiquiet's Johnny Firecloud had early access to the album and said it sounds "f--king fantastic".

His colleague Skwerl shared similar praise: "Many songs are over five minutes long, with tons of cool tempo changes, and some real monsters, such as 'Romantic Dreams'. Get ready for that one."

Frontman Chino Moreno recently said the band had to prove themselves to fans this time around. "Our records were starting to get pieced together versus really being created together, so for us it was a chance to get back to basics," he said.

Track list for Deftones' new album "Koi No Yokan":

01. Poltergeist (Roller Derby) 02. Romantic Dreams 03. Leathers 04. Swerve City 05. Entomb (Dazzle) 06. Graphic Nature 07. Tempest 08. Gauze 09. Rosemary 10. Goon Squad 11. What Happened To You? (Flashback)

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    Argh, I thought the single was actually going to be linked in the article. Got myself a little too excited for a second there! Anyway, if there were ever a band out there that deserved your money, it was Deftones.
    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Some longer songs with (by the sounds of it) a bit of a proggy element would suit me just fine. Bring it on!
    Sounds awesome. I really think this album will take over this winter season for the best release then...
    So many great albums that are out/ coming out this year. This is definitely one of my top 3 albums to come out this year. Coheeds new album next month and Circa Survive just came out with theirs. Amazing year for music.
    Not that I'm trying to poo-stir or anything, but if this was all due to a mix-up and the band didn't really want this information out there, wouldn't it have been much more responsible journalism to not reprint it? I only ask because Deftones seem to be one of the most rabidly, and respectfully, supported bands on this site, yet people don't respect their wishes. My two cents!
    I remember seeing Chino Moreno at the Toys R Us at Arden mall when I was leaving.. he had his family and like 4 other dudes with him.
    I work at one of the venues they played last August. Got to hear a new one. Really ambient. Lots of cool countermelodies that really soared. This'll be cool
    This is going to be great. Diamond Eyes still hasn't become stale for me and I'm really looking forward to how they progress. I'm betting Steph has become even more comfortable with the new 8 string. I'm also anxiously awaiting news from Chi's side project "Palms."
    I LOVE Deftones, do not get me wrong, but IMHO the Led Zeppelin thing should have been the main headline on the frontpage today.
    I pretty much grew up with deftones save from maybe self title and saturday night wrist every one of their albums seems to be better than the last one. Every album seems to magically reflect just where i am at in life.. when i was young it was adrenaline around the fur hard fast and heavy just how i was living and as i grew up so did the sophistication of their music. I LOVE adrenaline around the fur and white pony and even a little team sleep but diamond eyes was the pinnacle of their talent in a lot of ways. CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!
    I wasn't a big fan of Diamond Eyes despite the mammoth title track and the amazing Rocket Skates. Then again I think their best two albums are Around The Fur and Adrenaline. I'm still looking forward to this new album - can't ever get enough of Chino's brilliant vocal displays.
    How can they improve on Diamond Eyes, White Pony, Around the Fur, songs like Minerva, Hexagram, Bored, Minus Blindfold?! They've done it all!
    I remember these guys at Knotfest. Everyone was into Machinehead and Lamb of God and Slipknot. They didn't care too much about Deftones. Kinda wished they stopped playing so they could all hear from Randy Blythe.
    I'm hoping the album is more like 'This Place is Death' off Diamond Eyes. I'd like to see them stretch out their style and writing.
    Hope this one gets released in India too. Incredibly proud owner of three Deftones CDs and always looking for more.
    i remember reading somewhere earlier this year that they said in an interview that this album will be like "white pony" . Fucking excited!
    Can't wait! Interesting to note, though: isn't it weird how all of their albums have 11 songs?