Deftones Promise Live Album

Chino Moreno announces new record in interview.

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Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno has announced that the band is planning to put out a retrospective live vinyl set chronicling the band's performance history. In an interview on Nikki Sixx's Sixx Sense radio show, the singer revealed that he has been working on the set:

"This last week and a half I've been having to go through all these tapes. We're putting out a live vinyl set. For every record we're going to put out four or five songs from that era."

Chino also noted that some of the band's earlier tapes have been hard to listen to, with their performances not being up to the standard of their later live output: "So I've been going through these tapes from '95-'96 and they're hard to listen to. I really feel that we have gotten better as a band, and me as vocalist. When we first started, I didn't know what I was doing. There's something neat about that too."

In December of last year, the band announced that they would be playing a series of U.S shows in support of new album "Koi No Yokan".

The dates are as follows:

03/04 - Rochester, N.Y. - Main Street Armory 03/05 - Boston, Mass. - House of Blues 03/06 - Huntington, N.Y. - Paramount Theatre 03/09 - New York, N.Y. - Terminal 5 03/10 - Montclair, N.J. - Wellmont Theatre 03/12 - Stroudsburg, Pa. - The Sherman Theatre 03/13 - Norfolk, Va. - The Norva 03/15 - Charlotte, N.C. - Fillmore Charlotte 03/16 - Myrtle Beach, S.C. - House of Blues 03/17 - Atlanta, Ga. - The Tabernacle 03/19 - Miami, Fla. - Fillmore Miami Beach 03/21 - St. Petersburg, Fla. - Jannus Live! 03/23 - Mobile, Ala. - Soul Kitchen 03/25 - Baton Rouge, La. - The Varsity Theatre 03/26 - Corpus Christi, Texas - Concrete Street Amphitheater 03/27 - Pharr, Texas - Pharr Entertainment Center 03/29 - Austin, Texas - ACL Live at the Moody Theater 03/30 - Houston, Texas - Bayou Music Center

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    I always enjoy live records. Gives me an opportunity to hear bands live I've never experienced, and relive some of the shows I have seen in some small way. Besides, if a band does it right and alters their songs for live versions, it's always interesting to listen to.
    I don't really care for a live album, Chino... a live album is what a concert is for, but I suppose a live album would be cool for the fans that never got to hear Chi play in person. I'd rather you put (Like) Linus on vinyl.
    Actually, a live chronicle of the songs from each album from the supporting tour would be great. Listening to Priest do "The Sentinel" on the DOTF tour is MUCH different than them doing the same song on the Angel of Retribution tour.
    Sweet, will be picking this up as soon as it comes out. Can't wait to see them live next month at Soul Kitchen!!!
    Adding to what's been said above I love live recordings. I'm always searching for DVDs or bootlegs of live footage from bands I like. It's never a replacement for a real concert and I don't consider it a real concert replacement, but it's just nice to get a well mixed cleaner sound of the band live from more professional angles (assuming the DVD is done well). It's a different perspective than you'd get from being there and and a great way to really get a look at how a band is out of the studio.
    I'm looking forward to this. I haven't seen Deftones live since... '96? Yeah, it's been awhile.
    As much as I love the band, they're not really strong in the live department. A live record from them has a good shot of being more miss than hit.
    Especially if there's going to be five songs from the eponymous era. I'd like to hear it though, I love live albums.
    Hm... not sure how I feel about this. Most of the bootlegs I've heard from them sound terrible (not to mention that one official live EP), but I saw them live opening for System of a Down over the summer, and they sounded amazing, so maybe a professional grade recording will reveal their true power live.
    Live albums are ALWAYS a good thing. I'm definitely looking forward to this.