Derrick Green: 'New Sepultura Album Is Metal as Hell'

artist: Sepultura date: 05/06/2013 category: new releases
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Derrick Green: 'New Sepultura Album Is Metal as Hell'
Legendary thrashers Sepultura reunited with producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot) to record their next album, tentatively due in October/November via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD will be tracked in June at Robinson's studio in Venice, California and will be co-produced by Steve Evetts, who previously worked with Sepultura on the "Nation," "Revolusongs" and "Roorback" albums, in addition to having collaborated with Ross on a number of other projects in the past. Speaking to the Rock Overdose (via Blabbermouth), Sepultura frontman Derrick Green said: "We have written most of the music already and now we are working on lyrics for the album. We should have everything ready before we hit the studio June 1st. "The album is sounding really sinister, dark, and metal as hell! "It's been great working with [the band's 22-year-old drummer] Eloy [Casagrande] in the writing process because it brings a whole different energy to the music. The many changes that have been going on in our lives and in the world also add to the making of the new album." Sepultura's upcoming CD will mark the first time the band will have recorded an album outside Brazil since "Against." Robinson produced the band's classic "Roots" album in 1995. Released in February 1996 by Roadrunner, it was the band's last studio album to feature founding member and vocalist Max Cavalera.
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