Dethklok: 'Dethalbum' Details

artist: Dethklok date: 08/08/2007 category: new releases
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On September 25, Adult Swim will unleash the brand-new CD from legendary metal band Dethklok on an unsuspecting public. "Dethalbum" features several full-length songs from Adult Swim's most metal animated series "Metalocalypse" plus all-new tracks. To coincide with the premiere of the second season of "Metalocalypse" on Adult Swim and release of "Metalocalypse Season 1" on DVD, a regular and a deluxe CD edition of "Dethalbum" will be released. The deluxe edition will include a second disc featuring seven even more brutal tracks, the animated video for the utterly brutal single "Bloodrocuted", and the premiere episode from Season 2 of "Metalocalypse". "Dethalbum" track listing: Disc 1 (Regular and Deluxe Editions): 01. Murmaider 02. Go Into the Water 03. Awaken 04. Bloodrocuted 05. Go Forth and Die 06. Fansong 07. Better Metal Snake 08. The Lost Vikings 09. Thunderhorse 10. Briefcase Full of Guts 11. Birthday Dethday 12. Hatredcopter 13. Castratikron 14. Face Fisted 15. Dethharmonic 16. Deththeme Disc 2 (Deluxe Edition ONLY): 01. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle 02. Blood Ocean 03. Murdertrain A Comin' 04. Pickles Intro 05. Kill You 06. Hatredy 07. Dethklok Gets in Tune * Video for "Bloodrocuted" * Episode from Season 2 Created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, "Metalocalypse" follows the on- and off-stage adventures of DETHKLOK, an incredibly talented and insanely popular Norwegian heavy metal band. Dethklok boasts the lineup of vocalist Nathan Explosion (lyrical visionary), Skwisgaar Skwigelf and Toki Wartooth (two of the fastest guitarists alive), bassist William Murderface and drummer Pickles the soul of the band. Not really. "Dethalbum" features a guest appearance by legendary drummer Gene Hoglan (Strapping Young Lad, Death, Dark Angel, Testament). He previously stated about the CD, "What a killer metal record! I can't wait for everyone else to hear it, and since it has now been slated for a September 25th release, that is now gonna be sooner than later, especially with leakage. And yes, it appears that we are going on tour with it as well! The logistics are being worked on as we speak, but it looks like it's gonna be a real killer, multi-media show. I'm looking real forward to that, I've even suspended the booking of a ton of clinics to clear my schedule to be available." Credits for the info to
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