Dethklok Recording New Album

artist: Dethklok date: 06/08/2012 category: new releases
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Dethklok Recording New Album
Dethklok, the "virtual band" featured in animated program Metalocalypse, has been in the studio as-of-late tracking material for their third album. Drummer Gene Hoglan revealed the following via Twitter a few hours ago: "Just finished recording the Dethklok album late last night. This is going to be killer! Stoked!" This seems to explain why Hoglan was unable to commit to Fear Factory's touring plans a few months ago. Moreover, Dethklok will be hitting the road for a North American tour with Lamb of God in August, which is a great opportunity to support a new album. Regardless, we expect more details to surface in the very near future. Thanks for the report to
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