Devin Townsend Kicking Off 'Ziltoid' Sequel Recording in May

Record getting a follow-up after seven years, exact studio entrance date inside.

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Devin Townsend has officially announced May 2 as the kick-off date for the recording of highly-anticipated "Ziltoid the Omniscient" sequel.

Sharing the news via Twitter, Devin noted, "So recording of Z2 starts May 2nd in LA! The project started so far include ztv a big graphic novel comic, a documentary and crazy live show."

The musician further added, "The pledge starts in about a week, and although it's as Casualties of Cool, all additional funding goes directly into Ziltoid and Z2. The amount we're planning is crazy ... and a ton of fun I think. Just taken forever to sort out and make plans for."

As reported, Townsend announced he'll be working on three projects during 2014, singling out Casualties of Cool, Ziltoid 2, as well as a relaxation music project with flutist Kat Epple.

"I know I've been overwhelming people with music, but the releases are staggered to give each room," Devin tweeted back in September. "Casualties April, z2 next years end. But:

"Also making a record of simple relaxation music with Kat. Just guitar and flute. Will just be a side release, but captures that echoey vibe."

"Ziltoid the Omniscient" saw its release in June 2007 via InsideOut Music.

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    Ghost and Ki were both really good, and I feel like Casualties will be in the same vein, so I'm fairly excited for that. Like a lot of people though, Ziltoid is where it's really at!
    This makes me insanely curious, since Z1 was the last album he recorded before sobering up, and when he quit the drugs, he pretty much shat on works like Ziltoid as being just stuff he'd come up with on drugs, so I wonder how he's following this up. I do hear this is going to be pretty damn heavy, though, so I am excite.
    Fucking sweet Although...I might be most excited for the album with Kat Epple. Anyone else?
    Yep. One of my favourite records to listen to is by far Ghost. Looking forward to hearing more chilled vibes from this genius.
    To pull a youtube comment. 2 people have never tried the Universe's ultimate cup of coffee.
    A sequel to his only good album? Goodie.
    You don't deserve this album. You have internet offended me.
    Lol, why, because I don't respect Mr. No Talent "Layer numetal guitars over each other until people think I am metal"?
    Did you only listen to one song? Nu Metal guitars? Is that because he uses a drop tuning (well technically it's an open tuning)? Is Strapping Young Lad not metal? What would Deconstruction classify under? It's okay that you don't like the wall of sound technique, but it is not just sloppy and easy to construct.