Devin Townsend Possibly Releasing Three New Albums Next Year

New Casualties of Cool, Ziltoid 2 and a relaxation music side project on the way.

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Devin Townsend seems to be looking at a hectic schedule next year, as he had recently announced three projects for 2014.

In a series of Twitter posts, Townsend confirmed new Casualties of Cool, Ziltoid 2 release, as well as a relaxation music projects with "Kat." As Metal Sucks reports, the frontman is likely referring to flutist Kat Epple who performed on Devin Townsend Project's 2011 effort "Ghost."

"I know I've been overwhelming people with music, but the releases are staggered to give each room," the musician tweeted. "Casualties April, z2 next years end. But:

"Also making a record of simple relaxation music with Kat. Just guitar and flute. Will just be a side release, but captures that echoey vibe."

Townsend is currently preparing to release a live record titled "The Retinal Circus" on September 30. The latest Devin Townsend Project effort, "Epicloud," saw its release back in September 2012 via HevyDevy Records with a total of 16 tracks.

Are you up for a busy year with Hevy Devy or what? Let us know in the comments.

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    Get me a coffee, you primitive earth being! And a cat, while you're at it. -Ziltoid
    Have an unnatural love for this bald headed Canadian. Seeing him live in a month and I can't wait for these releases. I'm very curious how Casualties will turn out.
    Most of the people of Earth just aren't worthy of what Devin offers them. He is different class.
    moody git
    on top of the retinal circus boxset, i'm gonna have an excellent year of traveling to work
    Green Day beat him to it... Seriously though, the simple "guitar + flute" combo interests me... I think I want to buy that
    I'm sure it's going to be similar to the Ghost album. I actually really enjoyed some of the songs. Not my cup of tea overall, but I still recommend checking it out
    Ever tried listening to Ghost while stoned? I'd say that's the closest to nirvana (not the band) I've ever been.
    warm summer day, stoned by the pool with Ghost playing was a highlight of my summer.
    link no1
    Does it matter if Green Day did it? The guy just likes making music, I don't see it stating that he's trying to 'outdo' anybody or 'break a record' by releasing 3 albums...
    From the same guy responsible for Strapping Young Lad... relaxation music? This I've got to hear!
    Check out his "Ki" or "Ghost". It's full of amazing mellow stuff.
    Loving ziltoid radio at the moment, but I cant help, but feel a little let down by epicloud.
    Epicloud was over the top with massive hooks and production, while also being musically simpler and concise than some of his recent works. That's what is so awesome of Devin, everything he does is absolutely different. It's hard to hate the direction he is heading in because he changes directions every album, and he releases an album almost every year. Between 2009 and 2012 he released 5 albums! If you don't like an album, good news because something completely different is around the corner. I personally liked Epicloud and actually use it to introduce people to Devin Townsends work. It is in my opinion his most accessible album of his career for the average person which makes it great for showing people who would otherwise not have the patience to filter through his massive catalog and understand his work. I would not recommend using Deconstruction or Terria for that (despite those being 2 of my 3 favorite records of his).
    I REALLY wish he'd slow down on releasing so many albums. I think he's stretching his ideas way too thin recently and this won't help at all.
    Well, I've been waiting for "Alien 2" for quite a while now and I know I ain't getting it. I found Cattle Decapitation's new album instead and now Devin, while I still respect him, is just not really on my radar when it comes to new releases. I shouldn't expect Devin to cater to my demands or release the same album over and over again, but whatever happened to the days when his music was based on how much he hates life and not how much he loves life? I can't get behind "hooray, everything's great" especially when it really isn't.
    mribanezX're pretty much pissed off that Devin isn't always pissed off now? *pinches brow*
    You shall fetch me your universes ultimate cup of coffeeee