Dillinger Escape Plan Announce New Single 'Happiness Is a Smile,' Available Only on 7'' and Cassette

Luckily, everyone has a cassette player these days.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan have officially announced their new single "Happiness Is a Smile," unveiling cover art and peculiar release plans.

Available on the band's upcoming tour, the single will be released as only a 7-inch colored vinyl and a cassette.

"Surprise! We have a brand new song! 'Happiness is a Smile' is ONLY on 7'' & cassette on THIS tour. Limited colored vinyl at the merch table or cassingle through the VIP package," the band stated via Facebook, along with the tour link and the photo below.

The cover art was presented via Instagram, make sure to check it out below. As for the tour, the trek is scheduled to kick off on April 3 in New York City.

The band's latest studio effort, "One of Us Is the Killer," saw its release in May 2013 via Sumerian Records.

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    Cassette? Now that's punk rock. Handwritten label, sold out the back of a van in the venue parking lot. Man I miss the 90s
    Still going man, it's a popular choice in the DIY community for a cheap physical release.
    I love everything about this band. I have learned a lot from studying Ben Weinman's unorthodox approach to guitar, he is certainly one of a kind.
    he really is! His stuff is a lot harder to play than it sounds. And it sounds crazy
    Is this the world we live in now, where anything that strays from the norm and doesn't conform to everyday standards is deemed "hipsterism-ish-etc"? Personally, I think this is a pretty awesome example of an off-the-cuff band doing something truly non-conformist in an honest way.
    yes sure, I agree that we should support ideas like this one but I, and many many people, don't own a turntable. So if a band I like wants to release new stuff, I'd like to be able to listen to it.
    What a cool move, but srs... post it on youtube or something or i'll be calling you guys the 'The Hipster Escape Plan'.
    Exclusively on cassette and vinyl? CASSETTE? Is this a secret Indie Rock track or something?
    There is literally no reason for releasing/listening to music on cassette and vinyl, except chronic hipsterism.
    Vinyls have a unique (and you could argue superior) sound. I myself enjoy collecting them and I don't consider myself a hipster.
    as long as they release it on youtube I don't mind this hispterish move.
    Vinyl has it's ups and downs in terms of popularity, but it's always stayed around as a format. Cassettes have become somewhat obsolete in technical terms, but they're a nice collector's item and a good option for smaller bands if they want to put out a physical release, but don't have the money for vinyl. Releasing a single on CD is completely and utterly pointless at the end of the day, and most people I know would rather have vinyl with an MP3 (or any other format of their choice) download rather than a CD.
    My only decision now is which version to download from The Pirate Bay... vinyl single or cassingle?