Dillinger Escape Plan Finish New Album

New record is done according to Greg Puciato.

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Dillinger Escape Plan have finished recording their new album. The band announced that the record was finished when frontman Greg Puciato posted a photograph of the dictionary definition of the word 'Completion' to his Instagram account. The record will be the first that the band releases on Sumerian Records and is scheduled for a spring release.

Guitarist Bill Weinman had previously released the following statement about the record:

"This new material is very punk-, very hardcore-influenced. Maybe it's all the amazing bands reuniting from my youth that is inspiring this. Billy [Rymer, drums] and I have just been listening to old hardcore records blasting through my house and then going down to the dungeon and just bashing. Greg [Puciato, vocals] also seems to be in a very dark place lyrically. I think it's going to be pretty creepy. If these songs don't put some holes in the wall, I don't know what will."

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    Who's Bill Weinman? I know of Ben, but Bill is news to me...
    I have to laugh when I see some little self-righteous **** trying to tell me what's music and what isn't. Go back to your Youtube comments, you bum.
    Suck my c unt
    Awesome Dude, you like boring music and boring comebacks. Go ahead... say a big scary SWEAR WORD (oooohhh!!!) and listen to some shitty hard rock garbage that's been done a million times. No one cares if you're boring - but you just sound foolish when you criticize those who aren't.
    Lmao dude up top u admitted to having a c unt...I'd just stfu now if I were u....
    Looking forward to this. I loved "Calculating Infinity" and "Miss Machine". I've gotta catch up before the new one. I think I'm gonna be in a DEP mood for a while...
    Ire Works is a beast of an album dude, listen to it from start to finish - you won't regret it!
    scar symmetry haven't put out a good album in years. nothing but tired generic melodic death metal.
    Another hour of out of time guitars, chaotic drumming that lacks any sense of rhythm and a man screaming. There's music, and then there's this.
    Their last three albums at least have been incredibly catchy and have grooved hard despite the frequently changing time signatures. I friends that aren't even musicians that can predict every time change as they sing along or hum to the guitars. If they can handle it, you should be able to. Also, their frontman has a hell of a singing voice. You don't have to like them, but this post is all sorts of musical ignorance, the likes of which I'd expect from a Youtube comment.
    Thanks for the comment, VikingMiguel. You can go back to listening to Paramore now.
    You really don't understand music at all, do you? There is pretty much a timing for everything under the sun and a million ways to fit notes into each one. They aren't out of time... you just don't understand their time.
    The funny thing is you claim to listen to bands with different styles but apparently you don't. You need to introduce sporadic time signatures into your taste of music. Start off with Between the Buried and Me's Alaska album and continue on from there onto Colors and The Great Misdirect, I'd suggest listening to the Parallax Hypersleep albums from them but it might be too early for you to grasp the idea of concept albums. Next listen to Black Bubblegum, Gold teeth on a bum, Chinese whispers and 43% burnt by Dillinger Escape Plan and you'll get into it and be listening to Djent music like Animals as Leaders in no time.
    why would djent be the goal? djent is the most horribly uninspired and boring genres in modern metal. animals as leaders are the only good band that do that style and even then they're not super amazing song-writers. just good musicians
    Djent actually has a few other bands that are good, phili66. Look up Periphery's "Periphery II", The HAARP Machine, and Vildhjarta.
    I was just using them as an example for sporadic time signatures.
    Vocals" AHHH!!!!! EHH!!!!! UGH!!!!! Drums: *blast beats Guitar: --00000-11111-00000----22222
    You've never listened to this band, huh?
    Yes. I have.
    I rest my case.
    Oh wow, one single song. You sure have a great understanding. But if you decide you don't want to be a massive douche anymore (which I doubt, because you seem like a pretty big douche), I suggest you listen to some of their other songs such as Lurch, 82588, Mouth of Ghosts, Party Smasher, 43% Burnt, Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants or Widower. You're entitled to an opinion, but generalizing like this just makes you look like an *****.