Dillinger Escape Plan Premiere 'When I Lost My Bet' Video

Mathcore five-piece unleashes full rocking chaos with their latest video single.

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American mathcore five-piece Dillinger Escape Plan has officially unchained the video for "When I Lost My Bet," the second track off their upcoming album "One of Us is the Killer." Featuring their signature intense sound, the song is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its entire 4-minute length.

The disturbing atmosphere of Dillinger Escape Plan tunes is perfectly accompanied by equally chaotic horror video, with the group proving once again that their music is not for everyone. The guys are sticking to their guns like there's no tomorrow, earning nothing but props from the fans.

The new album's first single, "Prancer," was released digitally on March 12. As far as the entire record goes, "One of Us is the Killer" is already available for pre-order prior to scheduled May 14 release via Sumerian Records. The band is currently out on the road, with a tight tour schedule bound to keep them busy well until August.

Recorded in Southern California with Steve Evetts (The Cure, Suicide Silence, Glassjaw) at the helm of production, the new record was described as "a new holistic pinnacle of the band's constantly evolving and engaging dynamics."

You can check out "When I Lost My Bet" clip below.

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    Sounds like Deftones meets the Foo Figheters meets a Trainwreck.
    Good Lord, that video! I'm going to watch some videos of kittens now just to get it out of my head.
    So. Fucking. Weird. Ive never got into this band, and I have tried so many times. I heard the the album trailer and seemed convinced enough to preorder the album. Really hope Im not let down by it.
    Listen to Black Bubblegum, Chuck McChip, Farewell Mona lisa, Chinese Whispers, Milk Lizard, Sunshine the Werewolf, and Widower. They are my favorite songs from them but there are times when I enjoy more of the heavier songs.
    I actually kind of hate their poppier stuff like black bubblegum and setting fire to sleeping giants. Mona Lisa was the song that got me into them though, just listen to Option Paralysis over and over until it finally makes sense.
    If you're really determined to get into this band, you should start with Miss Machine. Just listen to that a few times through, and if you don't like it, you probably won't learn to like them.
    My favorite band, and they still managed to unsettle me, as much with the music as the video. Then again, that's why they're my favorite!
    Umm...damn, umbilical cord throat tube gagging is definitely one of the weirder things I've seen in a video
    These guys continue to deliver. This record is sounding on par with Ire Works and Option Paralysis.
    inb4 this isn't music.
    Mike Quall
    that's like saying an abstract painting isn't a painting
    An abstract painting is a painting, but often the "art" aspect lacks. Dillinger escape plan still has the art aspect, but every now and then there is an experimental metal band that intentionally plays out of key and makes weird grunting sounds during the song. Those bands, they missed the point.
    Go watch the video for Forced Gender Reassignement from Cattle Decapitation, and then we'll talk about disturbing xD
    I've never really been into this band but I didn't mind the track. I can't and won't speak for their entire catalogue, but this song sounds a lot like a less inspired/confident/skilled/masterful Between the Buried and Me meets Finch , or something like that.
    That's a fair point, but having seen BTBAM and DEP live, Dillinger is WAY more confident and inspired. They just are more hardcore aesthetically whereas BTBAM is prog metalcore ish. Dillinger is much harder to play.
    The two bands are technical in completely different ways. Honestly not fair to compare at all.
    The great thing about DEP is that they push SO FAR that the rest of us mere mortals can go and explore the stuff they left behind and still come off as a genius. And any band that doesn't throw down isn't trying hard enough.
    Eh, hopefully it will grow on me. Can't wait for the album to drop though, the preview was amazing!
    won't be seeing this video on TV anytime me thinks... pre-order placed hurry up and drop!
    ben nixon
    Just started listening to these guys...they're great and all but why is dude so damn diesel?
    Why not? Besides, he needs strength to continue his penchant for climbing over any and all equipment that happens to be on the stage.