Dinosaur Jr. Plan Live DVD

Dinosaur Jr. have announced the release of a live DVD, entitled "Dinosaur Jr: Live From the Middle East".

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Dinosaur Jr. have announced the release of a live DVD. "Dinosaur Jr: Live From the Middle East'", out on May 27, was filmed at Boston's Middle East club, with snippets from other venues along their December 2005 reunion tour.

The DVD also features a documentary, behind-the-scenes footage and 18 live songs including the classic singles "Freak Scene", and "Just Like Heaven".

The tour saw the reuniting of original members J Mascis., Lou Barlow and Murph for their first live shows since splitting in 1989.

The documentary also features appearances by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, and actor Matt Dillon among others.

Dinosaur Jr. will release their new album "Beyond" on May 1. It's the first LP the original line-up have made since 1988's "Bug".

The tracklisting on "Live From the Middle East'" is as follows, according to NME.com report:

  • "Gargoyle"
  • "Kracked"
  • "Bulbs Of Passion"
  • "Little Fury Things"
  • "Lose"
  • "Forget The Swan"
  • "The Post"
  • "Budge"
  • "The Lung"
  • "The Wagon"
  • "Raisans"
  • "SludgeFeast"
  • "Mountain Man"
  • "Chunks"
  • "Freak Scene"
  • "In A Jar"
  • "Repulsion"
  • "Just Like Heaven"

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      once again, ug shows its amazing talent of finding and showing the worst possible picture of a band...
      dr. tchocky
      Looks like a brilliant setlist. Does J Mascis ever change his expression these days? I got a picture taken with him and his expression is exactly the same as it is in that picture.
      I'm so glad they reunited. Mission of Burma, Dinosaur Jr, and Gang of Four, all within 3 years. Perfect.