Diplo To Make Dance Record With Jack White?

artist: Jack White date: 04/04/2012 category: new releases
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Diplo To Make Dance Record With Jack White?
Diplo has expressed an interest in working with Jack White. The Major Lazer producer has worked with everyone from Beyonce to Rolo Tomassi in recent years and helped produce Usher's "Climax" earlier this year. Speaking to Riverfront Press about future work, Diplo said: "Jack White is amazing. Someone like that." Adding: "I'm just lucky I'm even doing anything. I just like to keep on working and make music and have people listen to it. I never pick an artist to produce, they just hit me up and every time it's been a good experience." It was revealed last week that Diplo is working with Snoop Dogg on a reggae album, something the rapper will help re-invent him as an artist. Meanwhile, The White Stripes star releases his debut solo album "Blunderbuss" on 23 April, 2012. Thanks for the report to Gigwise.com.
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