Disturbed Album Track Listing

artist: Disturbed date: 06/22/2005 category: new releases
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Disturbed have set the track listing for their third album "10,000 Fists" tentatively due September 20 via Warner Bros., according to Billboard.com. A track entitled "Guarded" was released to US rock and metal stations this week, and will also be included on a sampler distributed at this summer's Ozzfest. The band's fully promoted first single "Stricken" will hit radio at the end of July. The title track will be featured in the Electronic Arts football video game "Madden 2006". "10,000 Fists" track listing: 01. 10,000 Fists 02. Just Stop 03. Guarded 04. Deify 05. Stricken 06. I'm Alive 07. Sons Of Plunder 08. Overburdened 09. Decadence 10. Forgiven 11. Land Of Confusion 12. Sacred Lie 13. Pain Redefined 14. Avarice With regards to the musical direction on "10,000 Fists", vocalist David Draiman told Billboard.com, "It seems to fuse the brutality and darkness of [the 2000 debut] 'The Sickness' with the added melodic nature and complexity of [2002's] 'Believe'. It's more aggressive than the last record, and at times, more aggressive than the first one."
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