Dramarama Record New Album: Updated

artist: Dramarama date: 08/10/2005 category: new releases
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The New Jersey 80's rock group Dramarama have recently recorded their new record "Everybody Dies" and will release it this year. The album is the long-awaited follow-up to 1993's "Hi-Fi Sci-Fi". The band has reunited a few years ago after disbanding in 1994. Dramarama's last album, "Hi-fi Sci-fi," sat at Number 10 on the Heatseekrs in the same year. It may or may not have sold as good as their last albums, like "Cinma Vrit" (1985), "Stuck In Wonderamaland" (1989) and "Vinyl" (1990). "We recorded the new song, 'Everybody Dies,'" said Easdale. "It was a direct reaction to all this stuff happening. It's like rock 'n' roll is calling once again. Even though 'Everybody Dies' is about death, it's not really a dark or depressing song.", as said in his interview on VirginMegaMagazine and also recorded a cover of the Dead Kennedys track "California Uber Alles". Dramarama has been touring extensively this year, playing many shows with the English Beat. They are on the bill for the Lost 80s Live show, featuring Devo as the headliner, at the former Fiddler's Green (now Coors Amphitheatre) in Englewood, Colorado, on Tuesday, August 23.
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