Dream Theater Delay Live DVD

"Live at Luna Park" was due in Spring, but has been pushed back to November while the band focus on their new album.

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Dream Theater might be making good progress on their much-anticipated new album, but they're so busy that the release of their "Live at Luna Park" concert video has been pushed back.

The video was set to appear in Spring on an array of Blu-ray, DVD and CD versions with various deluxe packages, but rather than release a sub-par product the band want to hold it back.

"Due to extenuating circumstances, the release date for 'Live at Luna Park' has been pushed back from its originally scheduled spring release," said the band in a statement (via Blabbermouth). "In an effort to make this project as special as possible, and deliver the ultimate live experience for Dream Theater fans, these delays proved necessary. It will be abundantly clear why the extra time was needed come November."

The footage was shot over two nights in South America, and the band promise it will stun fans. "Between the hi-def and 3D video, the huge audio mix and the documentary-style behind-the-scenes footage, you are truly transported to the arena and completely immersed in the entire live experience," says guitarist John Petrucci.

This week the band posted an album update to say they're on "the home stretch" with vocal recordings complete and guitar solos midway. At this rate the album could launch before the DVD, with a projected late Summer release.

Can you wait any longer for new Dream Theater material? Let us know what you're most excited about in the comments.

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    New album or DVD...definitely the new album, I have no problem with this.
    the new album's gonna rock!!! i can't wait for them to post information about it
    I just hope they offer something different or interesting this time. Not the same old sound they've had since Octavarium. They used to put out quality stuff, then they kinda got complacent. Hopefully they can redeem themselves. ADTOE kinda sucked hard and BC&SL had only a couple of decent tracks on it (not counting the cover disc).
    Dude I'm so excited for their new album. I want to get this too, don't have any live Dream Theater albums/dvds, perfect time to get one.
    This is why you don't put a release date out there before you actually know the product is finished. Pretty unprofessional, but I'm still looking forward to the dvd and the album nontheless.
    Darth Crow
    Damn, I was so much looking forward to that DVD... well, I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer. And if the album comes out at about the same time, it will be theatergasm!
    So strange that these guys are still around. Do wannabe shredders buy that many CD's still?
    I really don't like shredding as a general rule but these guys do make some amazing songs. Octavarium, Panic attack, Pull me under and Metropolis, Pt. 1 to name a few. I admit they do sometimes get carried away with too many solo's but their amazing songwriting always pulls it together again. I can't imagine why they wouldn't still be around really.
    actually, many people seem to complain about the "over complicated" music, but although people see it as complete chaos it's actually very controlled, and i think it's one of the most awesome things you get to hear these days, and that it's really cool- and definitely hard to write
    I don't think it's that hard to write, dude. Once they have their formula (which they obviously have as one can notice by hearing the last few CDs), the music just flows effortlessly. The songwriting process is not easier when you're called Metallica than when you're called Dream Theater. Metallica couldn't write a DT album, just as DT couldn't write a Metallica album... They tried and failed with Train of Thoughts, IMO. And they can't because it's not the music they hear in their heads, that's not the music they're inclined to create. Sure, there are a lot more notes, solos, scales, weird metrics, whatever, but this has always been very easy for DT to do. That's just how they are. Being myself a songwriter, I can assure you that the hardest thing in creating music is making more than average songs. DT actually releasing an album of the quality of SFAM would impress me and show that they've put efforts into the making of the new CD. An album written in 4 weeks from them would once again prove that they haven't grown tired of relying on their past glory.
    It's going to be interesting to see what Mangini brings to the table, since he wasn't a part of the writing process on the last record. Nevertheless, i think this albums is going to be great. One of my top 3 anticipated albums for this year, for sure. I might be a bit of a DT fanboy, since i think that most of their work is great (only album i don't care too much for is Falling into infinity, but i still listen to it every now and then) and in my opinion A Dramatic Turn of Events was a step up from Black clouds, question is if this album will be a step up from ADTOE. This is bound to be interesting.
    lol at people criticizing Dream Theater. Like you even understand half of what their doing, these are the some of the most skilled and talented musicians in the world. If you dont like their sound thats one thing, but very few people have the musical knowledge and technical ability possesed by all members of Dream Theater