Dream Theater Re-Signs With Roadrunner Records New Album In 2013

artist: Dream Theater date: 12/04/2012 category: new releases
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Dream Theater Re-Signs With Roadrunner Records New Album In 2013
Prog metal giants have officially re-signed with Roadrunner Records, after a successful three-album run since the first signing in 2007. The band stated: "We are all very excited to be re-signing with Roadrunner Records! Over the past five years from the release of 'Systematic Chaos' to our latest, 'A Dramatic Turn Of Events', we've developed strong creative and professional bonds with everyone at Roadrunner as well as many great friendships along the way." The label itself went through some hard times in the current year, going through a total of two rounds of staff cuts. "Roadrunner's dedication and commitment to Dream Theater has been evident to all of us from the very beginning, and is consistent in all departments and on all levels, right on through to the top. Roadrunner is a record label that is not only great at what they do but who truly understand what Dream Theater is all about as well as the amazing people who support us all around the world whom we proudly call our fans. They are a record company we relate to as an organization firmly rooted in its ideals and mission, while always pushing the envelope in an effort to keep things moving ever forward. We've reached many career defining milestones while at Roadrunner and are all incredibly pumped in anticipation of our continued future together!" The band has also mentioned that they had just finished their "A Dramatic Turn Of Events Tour" and are heading back into the studio to record their next album which might be expected somewhere during the next year. Also, Dream Theater's August 19 and August 20 concerts in Buenos Aires were professionally filmed and recorded for the new live DVD album, also to be released in 2013. By jomatami.
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