Dream Theater Reveal New Album Title and Release Date

The band's newest effort will drop this fall via Roadrunner Records.

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Progressive metal legends Dream Theater reveal their twelfth album title and release date, Blabbermouth reports. The band's newest effort "Dream Theater" will drop September 24 via Roadrunner Records.

The band started working on a new album in January, reportedly was getting ready to release it this summer. The band revealed earlier that they've completed recording new album vocals.

"Dream Theater" will become the second record featuring drummer Mike Mangini, who replaced Mike Portnoy. The band's keyboardins Jordan Rudess praised Mangini's skills, calling the drumming on a new album "outrageous."

The latest Dream Theater full-length album, "A Dramatic Turn of Events," was released in 2011.

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    "Dream Theater" is a little anti-climatic after the article title "Dream Theater Reveal New Album Title."
    I saw someone say it might be subtle nod towards Genesis, who also self titled their 12th album. But I agree, hopefully the name turns out to have a purpose and not just a lazy choice.
    Typically a self-titled album in the middle of a career signifies a change in style, sound, or attitude.
    Well, ADTOE was the most the band has sounded like themselves in a long time (in my opinion) so hopefully this is a continuation of the band's "re-discovery" and the self-title is a representation of that. Or something, I don't know. Maybe they just noticed that they haven't done a self-titled album yet and decided it was time?
    Kind of like with Metallica's Metallica which is now more known as 'the black album'. But I agree, most of the times it's a sign of either a new chapter or a redefinition of what the band is, combined with a style change. I'm curious as to what this album will bring.
    im seeing it as more of a way to signify a new chapter in the band, with Portnoy now gone, his influence albeit small was noticeable in some of ADTOE, and now with Mangini they're able to (for lack of a better phrase) write music as a whole again with everyone working on their parts to create a full album of personality, rather than half an album written by Portnoy and the rest written by Petrucci, Labrie and Rudess, not to say Portnoy's tracks were bad, some of the concepts and ideas he had for tracks were and still are phenomenal.
    Twelfth album, not thirteenth.
    What about A Change of Seasons?
    thats an ep
    They released it as an EP because they couldn't get the song on Images and Words and probably didn't want to put it on a new album because it's older material and wouldn't fit. Even if they reworked it, they wanted it to be seperate from new material.
    Tiago Sa
    Single, actually. It's only one song plus covers.
    That disk is 57 minutes long. I don't know how on earth you consider that a single. If anything it's a very long EP.
    "In the United Kingdom, the Official Chart Company defines a boundary between EP and album classification at 25 minutes of length or four tracks (not counting alternative versions of featured songs, if present)" So to some it could be considered an album.
    DT is one of my favorite bands, and i don't understand why in every single article about them you guys just have to start a Portnoy/Mangini fanboy war. Both are great drummers, both worth listening to, both are awesome. Just stop yer bitching and focus on the goddamn music.
    Just enjoy the damn music people. The are amazing songwriters with or without Portnoy.
    It is about time... sorry for being impatient Dream Theater but you gentlemen released one hell of an album with ADTOE, and honestly I was ready for more. Whoot! I cannot wait to see what the album cover looks like. What a groovy band name, seriously! It will be SICK!
    I don't think the album title is any bad, but calling it after bands name gives me high expectations towards it. Still, very excited.
    It'd better blow the other albums out of the water. It'd suck to have an album that's self-titled be widely considered as not representative of your band's material. Or, you know, blow.
    I see what you mean. It definitely won't blow their other albums out of the water but I think it will be a true representation of what Dream Theater are now.
    I'm really looking forward to this. I can't wait to hear Mike's input on Dream Theater's music. I mean, A Dramatic Turn of Events was an excellent album, and that was with little to no involvement of Mike. I have a really good feeling about this album. I have a hunch that this could be one of the band's best.
    I don't think bands make an album self titled because they can't think of a name, but rather because they feel stronger than ever that the album they are putting out represents who they are as people and musicians. Or who knows, maybe this album will be an album about a dream theater.
    if you go to the video dream theater posted- the one posted by Roadrunner UK (it's a little different and i posted it in this comment) in 2 : 06 you can see the chart of the entire new album!!. 8 songs plus opening and something called Easter Egg
    They said there would be an instrumental on the new album...maybe that's the Easter Egg?
    no it's song 5. songs with an X on them in one of the columns means the insrument of the column = isn't played there. if you'll notice on song 5 there's an X on lyrics
    Were they just stuck for names? I mean, i get releasing your debut album with a self-referring title, but 12th album?
    And of course there's the The Beatles (the White Album) - their 9th (or so) album.
    Same with Fleetwood Mac. A lot of bands do this when they are feeling introspective and reflecting on their previous work; a symbol of change. We can expect this to be a great album
    metallica named the black album metallica-it was self titled even thoughit was their fifth album- out of nine total.
    New Dream Theater + Nine Inch Nails both September releases, best news in a quite a while. Also that Live DVD!!
    This article is weird ..but the self-titled thing sounds kinda exciting!
    in the new video they posted in 1:30 to 1:52 you can see a dream theater progress chart and under the word song: there are 11 lines... probably 11 songs
    Nope, just 11 keyboard and guitar duels in one song
    no trust me you can see a similar chart in chaos in progress in the making of forsaken. they have a chart where they check and uncheck certain parts in every song and in this chart they write all of the different songs in the "song" column
    What a group of wonderful humans! No one can possibly hate DT. Some may find it hard to digest with their song structures and lengths, but no one can possibly hate them.
    I like it. Give it the self-titled name for a new beginning with a new drummer. Of course Mangini was around for the last album, but there was some material on there that was already written with Portnoy. This time around, it's truly all Mangini. A new beginning, guys. Make sense?
    you're right. it is a new begining but portnoy didn't write any of the material for the last album. john wrote all the drum parts and gave them to mangini so this is the first time mangini is involved in the writing process.