Dream Theater Singer James LaBrie Switching to EDM With New EP 'I Will Not Break'

"The label wanted to promote songs through dance clubs," the vocalist explains.

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If you happen to find yourself in a dance club these days, don't be surprised if you hear James LaBrie's voice coming out of the speakers.

Discussing his latest solo EP "I Will Not Break," a collection of alternative takes and b-sides from various studio sessions, Dream Theater singer explained to Artisan News how label representatives wanted to promote his music in night clubs.

"We had these alternative versions of some of the songs and the label, Century Media and Inside Out, they wanted to also start a new campaign, they wanted to promote [some of the songs] through clubs, like dance clubs, rave clubs and stuff like that."

Noting that any campaigns that result in the expansion of fan base are worth the effort, LaBrie was asked on whether he's a fan of EDM genre.

"I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan, I appreciate what some of the artists are doing with that kind of musical interpretation, but I wouldn't say I'm a huge, huge fan because I don't delve into it enough to really be able to appreciate its various forms of musicality or expression," the singer replied.

"A lot of it is really rhythmically based and I really appreciate that, I've always rhythmically gravitated to music and been rhythmically inclined or else I wouldn't be singing in a band like Dream Theater," James added. "I really appreciate that end of things and I thought that where those songs went within that style - it was cool."

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    The Smithe
    Chuck in a couple of untouched Dream Theater numbers, and I'll be at that club all night. "Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box" seems to work nicely with the Metropolis Pt. 2 stuff.
    This actually sounds cool. James seems like he can belt out some melodies for EDM tunes. Now if he starts working with producers with that kind of stuff, I would be impressed. See if he can get Candyland, Zedd, or heck with it, Deadmau5 to work with him!
    I'm just waiting to be at a club and hear an EDM version of dance of eternity
    It really sounded like he wanted nothing to do with the idea, but the label's making him do it.