Drowning Pool Stream 'Resilience' Album Online

Listen to the whole thing and watch live studio session of "Tear Away" here.

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Drowning Pool presented their newest album "Resilience" to be streamed online, Loudwire reports. Check out the album review by UG Team here.

"Resilience" is due to release tonight, but you have a possibility to listen to it online right now. Check out the widget below. You can also find "Tear Away" in-studio performance there.

"Resilience" is Drowning Pool's fifth studio album, and the first with new vocalist Jasen Moreno. In a recent interview with Loudwire, bassist Stevie Benton talked about Moreno's addition.

"Personality wise, he fits in great and that was a big part choosing this singer this time. He's a guy that we've known for a lot of years, we go way back so we knew he was a cool guy and not just a cool guy for now to get the gig he's not going to change overnight, he's not going to be a different guy six months from now, we've known him for over 10 years."

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    I can only count to four, I can only count to four, I can only count to four, I can only count to..... FFFFOOOOOUUUUURRRRR
    God that was atrocious. Jason on vocals sounds like hes trying to audition for Anthrax or something. Call it a day guys..
    So stale, the band just sounds used up creatively on their past two albums now. Granted, they have gone through 4 singers now on 5 albums, hard to remain consistent musically when your vocalist never lasts more than two albums... Probably partly the reason why Ryan left to rejoin Soil, a band who still has a lot more to offer musically.
    this is just ****ing awful. RIP Dave Williams. Drowning Pool died with you, good sir.
    Hopefully they can only count to four singers, so they'll finally call it a day when this singer inevitably leaves in a minute.
    Shitheads who are dissing Drowning Pool for surviving without Dave were never the fans of DP, they were fans of Dave's voice, even though Dave said that they all wrote songs as unity. I liked every DP album, and you would too if you actually listened to it more than once (and without shitty attitude towards them). I recommend some songs such as: Full Circle, Shame, Enemy, No More, Soldiers, 37 Stitches, Hate, Nothingness, This Life, Step Up, One Finger And A Fist. Listen to these few times before deciding that you don't like it. It's not "Sinner". It's something else that is just as good.