Drowning Pool Stream 'Resilience' Album Online

artist: Drowning Pool date: 04/09/2013 category: new releases
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Drowning Pool Stream 'Resilience' Album Online
Drowning Pool presented their newest album "Resilience" to be streamed online, Loudwire reports. Check out the album review by UG Team here. "Resilience" is due to release tonight, but you have a possibility to listen to it online right now. Check out the widget below. You can also find "Tear Away" in-studio performance there. "Resilience" is Drowning Pool's fifth studio album, and the first with new vocalist Jasen Moreno. In a recent interview with Loudwire, bassist Stevie Benton talked about Moreno's addition. "Personality wise, he fits in great and that was a big part choosing this singer this time. He's a guy that we've known for a lot of years, we go way back so we knew he was a cool guy and not just a cool guy for now to get the gig he's not going to change overnight, he's not going to be a different guy six months from now, we've known him for over 10 years."
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