Duff McKagan: Autobiography Release Date Revealed

artist: Duff McKagan date: 03/04/2011 category: new releases
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As a former member of the self proclaimed "most dangerous band in the world", you'd expect that Duff McKagan would have a story or two to tell about his life in the fast lane. Indeed, it would seem that the ex Guns N' Roses bassist is following his former band mates Slash and Steven Adler into the autobiography game. In an interview with VH1 Radio, Duff has confirmed to Dave Basner that his as yet untitled book is finished and will be released on October 11 via Touchstone Fireside. While fans might be hoping for the dirt on Guns N' Roses from one of their former key players, Duff has warned that his book might not be the "tell-all" volume that some will be hoping for. When he announced the volume last year in his column for Seattle Weekly, the famed bassist had the following to say: "I want to make clear that this book is not a GN'R 'tell-all' or some other such 'rock' book. There are a lot of those at this point. Sure, I will touch on all of that, as it is part of my story, but only just a part of it. Rather, it will be a story of an ordinary guy who met with extraordinary circumstances, and the circumnavigation through these situations. If you have been a reader of my column, then you get the general idea of my headspace. I WILL be writing this myself, thick or thin." Even if he isn't dishing the dirt on life on the road with Axl Rose, Duff's as yet untitled volume will no doubt have some stories to tell. McKagan's excesses became so much after his depature from Guns N' Roses that his pancreas swelled to the size of a football due to acute alcohol-induced pancreatitis. The Taking, the third album by McKagan's current band, Loaded, is scheduled for release on April 19th.
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