Duff McKagan Says His Tell-All Book Is 'Story Of Redemption'

artist: Duff McKagan date: 12/22/2010 category: new releases
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Duff McKagan says that while his forthcoming autobiography is a tale of redemption, it also makes no effort to hide his past exploits. Responding to a reader question submitted to the Seattle Weekly, for whom McKagan has been contributing a weekly column, the former Guns N' Roses member and current Velvet Revolver bassist wrote: A dilemma that I am now facing is the book that I am just now finishing. It is a story of redemption in the end, but it does tell my whole story thorns, pimples, blood, puke, and all. I have told my kids of my past and they have seen the pictures and read the stories. That is all that I can do for now. Well no, there is one other big thing I can do; and that is to be a loving and trustful Dad. McKagan went on to intimate that his episodes of excess should serve as a cautionary tale. Hell, I can't hide too much, can I? he wrote. As I write this missive, I am recuperating from a surgery to fix my scarred sinuses from 17-year-old cocaine abuse! My MRI pictures of the battle in my cranium [are] enough to scare ANY kid straight! No release date has been scheduled for the autobiography. To read the blog in its entirety, click here. Thanks for the report to Russell Hall, Gibson.com.
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