Duff McKagan's Loaded: New Album Details

artist: Loaded date: 02/17/2011 category: new releases
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Eagle Rock Entertainment will release The Taking, a brand new studio album from Duff McKagan's Loaded on vinyl (April 12) and CD (April 19). McKagan once again takes front and center on lead vocals and guitars. Long time Loaded members Jeff Rouse (bassist) and Mike Squires (guitar) return along with drummer Isaac Carpenter who joined in late 2009. Recorded by Terry Date (Soundgarden, Avenged Sevenfold), the album follows the band's 2009 debut Sick. A feature-length film, The Taking (in the style of A Hard Day's Night crossed with The Song Remains The Same), is due this summer. "This record really sort of took a life of its' own, and the songs really revealed themselves to us as we went along," says Duff. "Terry Date came into the picture at a time when his genius ear helped to capture a sonic theme for the record. You can't underestimate what a guy like TD brings to the table. The Taking is the closest thing to a 'concept' record that I have ever been involved with. Pain, loss, triumph, and redemption. Life. Bring it." The Taking track listing: 01. Lords of Abaddon 02. Executioner's Song 03. Dead Skin 04. We Win 05. Easier Lying 06. She's An Anchor 07. Indian Summer 08. Wrecking Ball 09. King Of The World 10. Cocaine 11. Your Name 12. Follow Me To Hell Duff McKagan's Loaded - Dead Skin by Eagle Rock Entertainment
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