Eagles of Death Metal Complete New Album Recording: 'Again We Stole Songs From Greatest Rock Bands'

artist: Eagles of Death Metal date: 02/24/2014 category: upcoming releases
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Eagles of Death Metal Complete New Album Recording: 'Again We Stole Songs From Greatest Rock Bands'
Eagles of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes recently gave a fresh album update, confirming that the recording process is officially done.

"We just recorded a new record, which I would love to play you later," Jesse told the Music Feed host at this year's Soundwave festival. "Again, [we've] stolen a bunch of songs from the greatest rock bands in the world. So technically, this will be the greatest rock album ever made.

"I'm gonna sleep when I die, so until then it's kill and rock and rape and roll," the singer concluded.

Discussing the lengthy album break and future touring plans, Hughes noted, "We're very fortunate that we have a wonderful audience that likes to see us play. I mean, we haven't had an album out in five years and here we are right now. But that's because we're not so much of a recording band as we are a performance band - it's about touring, it's about the show."

Focusing on the band's upcoming itinerary, the singer added, "We'll finish up the record in the next few months and then in March we'll be just back out on the road."

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