Eddy Grant To Re-Release Song 'Ripped Off' By Gorillaz

artist: Eddy Grant date: 03/22/2010 category: new releases
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Eddy Grant has announced plans to re-release the original version of the song he claims Gorillaz plagiarised on their new album. The 1977 edition of "Time Warp" is available for digital-download from Sunday (March 21). Its re-issue comes just days after Grant alleged that Gorillaz' recent single "Stylo" was a "blatant rip off" of his track. The song is featured on the cartoon band's recent album, "Plastic Beach". "'Time Warp' is a very popular song and has been a staple of the DJ scene for many years and I feel total disrespect from Gorilliaz and their management company, especially as they are an established act," Grant said. The 62-year-old has sought legal advice over the apparent similarities and called for an apology from Gorillaz. Thanks for the report to Gigwise.com.
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