Edguy: New Album 'Tinnitus Sanctus'

Power metal band Edguy have annouced their ninth upcoming studio album Tinnitus Sanctus.

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German power metallers Edguy have recently entered the Gate Studios in Wolfsburg, Germany to record the bands ninth studio album which will be entitled Tinnitus Sanctus and released on November 16th. The album will be produced by Sascha Paeth who has previously worked with Kamelot and Avantasia amongst others.

On August 13th an interview with singer Tobias Sammet giving his thoughts on on the new album was posted on Edguy's website:

Q: You mentioned that you won't go back to the roots, how would you describe the new material then?

"We don't go back to the roots, we never denied who we are and where we come from, so I don't see a reason to go back to wherever. I go straight forward and follow my heart as I've always done, "Tinnitus Sanctus" is exactly the music we wanna play, we are happy and I don't give a fuck if it's gonna be our biggest selling album or not. It's so great, even if my career would go down the drain and this would be the last album, I'd be more than happy to be remembered as the guy who recorded "Tinnitus Sanctus". I'd rather ruin my carreer with a creative killer album like that than trying to play safe with a boring stereotype Power Metal stinker constructed on a drawing table. We have a couple of song titles such as "Dragonfly", "Dead Or Rock", "Wake Up Dreaming Black" or "Sex Fire Religion". And we'll shoot a video for a very heavy midtempo-anthem by the name of "Ministry Of Saints". And there'll be a bonus track called "Aren't You A Little Pervert Too?" which is quite nasty."

Q: But not long ago you said the album won't turn out as goofy as Rocket Ride?

"I don't think Rocket Ride was totally goofy, but maybe it was too obvious that we wanted to show the world that we're ready to disregard conventions. Tinnitus Sanctus is a serious album, only with a subtle scent of humor here and there. It's not like Rocket Ride, it's got bigger balls! "Little Pervert" is just a song about several ways of interaction, a game for one to seven players, haha. Incest is a game the whole family can play, haha. Seriously, the key message is that no matter what you are during the day time, when the lights go down we are all dirty little animals! It's not about me personally, it's pretty funny. Metal and humor go well together, otherwise why would old men go on stage in loincloths and warpaint pretending to be Conan the Barbarian? That's tongue-in-cheek and that's cool and I love people who don't take themselves too serious. I feel a little bit like God, he doesn't take himself as half as seriously as his fans do, that's what those two clowns, god and me, have got in common. Have you ever seen an aardvark? Check it out and then tell me, do you really believe God has no sense of humor?"

The first set of dates (with more to come) for the upcoming tour has been confirmed and can be found here on tour section of the bands website.

Credits to edguy.net.

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