Eminem Goes Rock With New Single 'Berzerk'

Rapper announces new album "MMLP 2" with the video teaser.

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Eminem reveals his brand new single "Berzerk" from the upcoming album "MMLP 2."

The rapper shared the news in a video teaser that premiered at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York and now appears on his official site. The teaser features a snippet of new music from Eminem and lists the album's executive producers as Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin.

The newest single reveals Eminem coming back to his significant sound, that can be heard on 2000's "The Marshall Mathers LP", completed with huge rock vibe.

"MMPL2" is Eminem's follow-up to his 2010 album "Recovery." The title "MMLP2" suggests the album is conceived as a sequel to Eminem's third studio set, 2000's "The Marshall Mathers LP," which remains the rapper's bestselling album and is home to his classic tracks "Stan," "The Way I Am" and "The Real Slim Shady."

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    Finally Eminem sounds like he's having fun again.
    I'm pretty sick of all his tunes in the last few years consisting of "SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT" in the same style and flow. Hope he can bring it back!
    hopefully it's as dark as Slim Shady LP, Marshal Mathers LP, and Relapse, with Em's level of skill from the Bad Meets Evil EP.
    That's crazy, first time I'v felt that Eminem vibe since Shady, Marshall Mathers era, YES!
    As soon as it came on I thought of fight for your right and wouldn't you know it there's a sample of it in there.
    Nero Galon
    Also sampling Billy Squier's The Stroke too. Which is also strange because that is one of those songs that never leaves my mind thanks to Billy Madison
    The Stroke, and also Telephone by ELO, when Steve Buscemi puts on the lipstick and lays on the couch.
    DJ Double R (Rick Rubin) did produce it, as well as the Beastie Boys License to Ill. Eminem is really paying homage to his influences big time, I'm so stoked for this album, given how stagnant the hip hop world is today.
    So adding a guitar makes it "Rock" now?
    I didn't realize that this website was solely exclusive to rock, in that case, no more mentioning Jazz tunes for Question of the week.
    Jazz has MUSICIANS!! Plz let me know where I can find the musicians playing on this track?
    musician - a person who plays or composes music, esp as a profession. Someone had to compose it, stop being a pretentious ass, I'd argue that hip hop is harder to create than music with traditional instrumentation since you are starting with nothing and building from the ground up, that may just be because I'm more used to composing with guitar and drums and find it easier. Also considering Eminem has utilized live musicians on previous albums, there is a good chance of there being an actual instrumentalist playing on the song check out the credits on his last album, there are definitely musicians playing on it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recovery_(E...
    HAHAHAH!!! MUSICian, has the word MUSIC in it.. This isn't MUSIC buddy.. Taking samples from other people and saying nonsense over it, IS NOT MUSIC!! If you like Eminem that's awesome. But EMINEM GOES ROCK? Where is the rock? HAHAH!!!
    Music - an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. yep it's definitely not music. If you really hate sampling that much just come out and say it. Considering the drums and bass tracks were created for the song and not taken from Billy Squire's - "The Stroke" like guitar riff sample, or the "Kick it" Beastie Boys vocal sample. The entire purpose of this beat is to pay homage to the Beastie Boys (probably due to MCA's death). "The Stroke" has been frequently sampled from the dawn of hip hop on, it's actually one of the most sampled songs ever. Saying nonsense over it, yes saying lyrics in a rhythmic rhyming pattern complete with wordplay is nonsense complete nonsense, yes definitely totally nonsense. Let's see you come up with a rap, since it's just nonsense. It's ok if you don't like hip-hop just say it but saying it's not music discredits your intelligence. This seems to be the reason all hip-hop albums on UG have a 3 for a rating while very unoriginal stuff from some of the most boring and derivative modern rock bands always have 7s.
    Going to Wikipedia doesn't make you smarter my man LOL... Rap isn't and never will be music IMO. They are called RAPPERS for a reason. They aren't musicians. Actually I used to freestyle just to show just how easy it actually is. I have nothing against Eminem and I have nothing against ppl that like what they like. Im just voicing my opinion on an article that says "Eminem Goes Rock" There is NO ROCK HERE!!!
    Sampling a classic rock song makes it rock, actually.
    Not really. There are tons of songs that sample music from just about every genre, yet no one ever considers that final rap song in the same genre as the sampled song.
    This song sounds tight. It doesn't really sound like anything from MMLP but it's tight. I know Eminem isn't extremely guitar oriented but he does have rock elements to his music. It' not like UG posted a 2 chainz article or anything.
    I didn't like it, honestly. Considering I actually liked Relapse (I know, I know), Recovery was just so disappointing....This isn't any better.
    Same here. He had such a great, unique flow that he seems to have lost on Recovery. Now he's just too harsh and fast. His flow on the Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers LPs was just untouchable.
    Beastie Boys much...my girl got me back into him and I can dig this it sounds like late elementary and middle school to me and it sounds fun. Gonna give him a chance on this see what she thinks when she wakes up keep it up Marshall
    The way he sampled and edited the "Kick it!" from Fight for Your Right is super cool.
    I hope the album doesn't sound much like the single. I didn't particularly care for it and I like eminem.
    I feel like this song just seems to mashed up. It might take a while to get used to it but as of right now I'm not really liking it.
    Sounds like a cheap Beastie Boys knock-off...
    Considering it's produced by Rick Rubin, the man who produced most if not all early Beastie Boys, and father of modern hip hop production...
    I like it. It has this nice vintage 80's RunD.M.C./Beastie Boys feel to it.
    Eminem hasn't released a good album since 2002. I don't hold out much hope for this album, especially since I'm not a fan of the song.
    No originality to it at all. Too close to the Beastie Boys. But hell, popular artists don't give a fark about that these days. Sad...
    It doesn't really sound like the Beastie Boys to me, not sure what everyones talking about. Sure, its kind a of a departure from what Eminem is known for - but then again Eminem is a man of many styles and influences. He's been known to adopt other rappers techniques and put his own twist on them on a whim - so maybe theres some similarites to the Beastie Boys in the back tracking, but as far as the lyrics go I'm not hearing it.
    What do you mean? Of course it sounds like the Beastie Boys because they are sampled in the song.
    I was actually hoping it would be something good, close to what he did in the beggining and, judging by the title, closer to rock. Unfortunately, I just can't even finish listening to the song. It's that bad.
    "Executive 'produce'rs", really. The mixing of this is...subpar, at best.
    Why is this on here? What does this have to do with guitar playing? I guess Justin Timberlake news will be on here tomorrow. My eyes vomited when I saw this. He sounds like Urkel from Family Matters except Urkel has talent.
    heyheyhey.. easy brah.. i dont like modern pop either but dont rag on JT man. the man has more talent than a lot of the "singers" in pop music these days.
    I'm not into JT at all, but yes, he has more talent than most of the pop singers out there today.
    Justin Timberlake has the single most annoying voice I've ever heard from a male singer. That whiny, nasal sound does not qualify as talent. As a producer? Maybe. His acting is actually passable. But his singing voice grates on me more than any six other singers you can name, including Britney Spears.
    Personally, I think Justin Timberlake sounds a lot like Micheal Jackson. As much as I don't like him as a person, I can't knock his songwriting... Or his last appearance on SNL.
    I totally agree. JT has some catchy ****ing songs and a fair bit of talent. As for the Eminem song I could care less because I'm not a 13 anymore. He's pissed at celebs and takes drugs alot.....we get it.
    Let me guess. Hip hop takes no talent and isn't music, right? Come on...
    i wouldnt say hip hop isnt music... but to me it is a studio genre... i cant get into the Live Performance of todays hip hop artists... but listening to people Freestyle/beatbox... thats another thing...
    It's because of the sound he's going for... rock. Rock = guitar therefore it belongs on here. Anyway digging the song.. not an Eminem fan but if the whole album goes in this direction I might just get it.
    Have to agree with swave75. You guys are totally sucking pop artists' balls on a rock/guitar site. Kind of sad really.
    Mr. Stripe
    This song is really cool! Say what you want about Eminem, but the man has talent.
    Wow, ahem..well still better than that Jay Z illmuniati bullshit
    Gah! I cringe every time I hear hip-hop songs take samples of classic rock tunes. Kids go crazy thinking it's all original and no proper credit is ever given to the original author. Man I wish I was my age in the 70's instead..
    The best part of samples are the people who do the research and find the original track that it's sampled from, and then find a new song that they like because of it. It's not like the sampled sources are a secret.
    eh im not feeling this at all. but i havent really liked any eminem since the eminem show. marshall mathers lp was some great ass stuff
    This sound's nothing like 2000's Marshall Mather's LP. That's a shame, cause that album is amazing, and this is one of the worst song's I've heard this year.
    I seen this on here and had to have a listen. So UG it seems bcuz they took some samples of some rock songs and you have a huge name like EMINEM rapping over them, this is news? I don't like rap at all, except for maybe Cypress Hill! I love to hear instruments played and I'm actually surprised to see all the love for this on here. Vote me down, but this news is about as important as a DJ at a rock concert.
    Sir Stoney
    I really like eminem but I don't like this song. It doesn't have that raw feeling like the SSLP or the MMLP. Just my opinion, Hopefully the album will be better
    Yeah....I love the raw sound of the SSLP and MMLP. Hell, Infinite was also pretty badass. My biggest gripe is the chorus. I wish Em would stop with the sing-along choruses.
    Dont buy new eminem album it's already leaked, get it here: eminemmmlp2leaked.blogspot.com
    It's funny how on the articles on here about Eminem almost 10 years ago were filled with so much hate for him.... so much ignorant hate.
    Just keep Rapping over Chic and other disco/rnb like before, then we'll talk. Sounds crap btw and I like rap.