Eminem Goes Rock With New Single 'Berzerk'

artist: Eminem date: 08/29/2013 category: new releases
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Eminem Goes Rock With New Single 'Berzerk'
Eminem reveals his brand new single "Berzerk" from the upcoming album "MMLP 2."

The rapper shared the news in a video teaser that premiered at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York and now appears on his official site. The teaser features a snippet of new music from Eminem and lists the album's executive producers as Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin.

The newest single reveals Eminem coming back to his significant sound, that can be heard on 2000's "The Marshall Mathers LP", completed with huge rock vibe.

"MMPL2" is Eminem's follow-up to his 2010 album "Recovery." The title "MMLP2" suggests the album is conceived as a sequel to Eminem's third studio set, 2000's "The Marshall Mathers LP," which remains the rapper's bestselling album and is home to his classic tracks "Stan," "The Way I Am" and "The Real Slim Shady."

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