Eminem Reportedly Working on New D12 Material

artist: D12 date: 01/23/2014 category: new releases

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Eminem Reportedly Working on New D12 Material
Hip-hop band D12 are thought to be working on their first new album in a decade, Digital Spy is reporting (via The Detroit Free Press).

They also report that Eminem may be returning to the fold. The report comes after producer Bass listed a new D12 album among his upcoming projects:

"Bass, who has started a label called Motunes Media, says he's also been mixing new material by the mercurial funk-pop giant Sly Stone with members of the original Family Stone band, along with new D12 tracks, including three with Eminem."

D12 have been on hiatus since the shooting of group member Proof in 2006. Eminem came back into public prominence with the release of the "Marshall Mathers LP 2" in 2013.
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