Eminem to Release New Two-Disc Record in September

"Shady XV" will include the disc of new material from Shady Records artists as well as the greatest hits compilation from the rapper.

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Eminem will release a new two-CD compilation featuring a disc of his greatest hits and a disc of new material from artists signed to the Shady Records label. Check out the details here.

Billboard reports that "Shady XV" will feature contributions from Slaughterhouse, Bad Meets Evil, D-12 and Yelawolf, as well as Em's new single "Guts Over Fear" featuring Sia. Listen to the new track below.

Due to be released on November 28, a short trailer for the compilation was unveiled early this morning (August 25) via the rapper's Twitter.

The title "Shady XV" references the album being Shady Records' 15th release in their 15-year history. Eminem founded the label in 1999 with his manager Paul Rosenberg and has gone on to release albums by 50 Cent and Obie Trice, among others.

Eminem recently joined the long list of artists to take on the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). On stage with Rihanna as part of their co-headlining "Monster Tour," the duo carried out the stunt in Em's home town of Detroit to a crowd of around 45,000. The 41-year-old had been nominated by his mentor Dr. Dre.

Yes it's official… #SHADYXV Black Friday. https://t.co/B0WCDoEeVO

— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) August 25, 2014

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    "Eminem to Release New Two-Disc Record in September" [...] "Due to be released on November 28" A classic UG!
    Sick of all the metalheads on here that disagree that good Guitar music can only happen through metal and rock. Grow the **** up and expand your tastes!
    You are right. And Eminem is a great artist. They should quit being jack@sses and expand their musical tastes. I am a Metal head but my fav bands are the Beatles and Pink Floyd. By the way, these days I have been listening to a lot of Spanish Rock such as Mana, Jaguares and Heroes del silencio. Great Music.
    Exactly. I just commented on the Aphex Twin article about how everyone bashes every single rap article but for some reason that one isn't being trolled by people that hate anything non-metal
    No one said anything about this site being metal or rock. What it is however is a guitar site and while I'm sure a couple of his songs at some time have used a sample of an original track but not many. Yes it is music news but the title Ultimate Guitar does lead you to believe that the news is guitar based not dub-step, opera, hiphop, pop or anything else not relevant to guitar based music. This story has no place on a guitar site - no one cares and if they do they're in the wrong place and probably 12!
    UG churns out so many re-baked articles on the same stuff - courtney loves a bitch, mustaine has an opinion, tool eventually releasing an album etc. - an article like this is honestly a breath of fresh air. quit being a negative nancy.
    Thats such a ridiculous statement, guitar has been used to good effect in all those genrees: Dubstep, Opera, hiphop and pop.
    No thats a ridiculous statement! Its b*****t that its on this site. Are u gunna go on the source website and talk about slipknot because they use decks - thought not. Use your brain.
    Eminem isn't br00tal enough he can't be on this website!!! Come on, people. If you listened to this guy's last record you'd know how much of a genius he is. Also, he bashes auto-tune in his songs.
    True, even though Rhianna is clearly using it in that insipid single of theirs. I'll admit that the Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers LP's were impressive pieces of work for a genre as sterile as rap but again, this was supposed to be a GUITAR website and guitar oriented music is what's relevant here. This site is turning into another Rolling Stone and before you claim rap has guitars thus making this relevant, it is not guitar BASED music just as Metal isn't SYNTH based but there are plenty of bands including other instruments not normally associated with such genres. Slash played on a ICP song, would that make them hold merit on this site then?
    As I have said repeatedly the bar has been set so low by the younger generation ...it is simply amazing what passes for talent these days....
    Depending on how old you are, the "younger generation" includes artists like Joe Bonamassa, Michael Buble, Eminem, Lang-Lang, Revocation, Mastodon, Tiesto and even Gary Clark Jr. That's 8 different artists from 8 different genres who are masters at what they do. The bar is actually set incredibly high. You in all your naive "wise old age" probably just haven't been listening hard enough
    I can promise you that classical music fans said the same thing about rock and roll in its genesis. I'm not saying it's the same thing that's happening here, just that "blaming it on the younger generation" isn't a very solid argument at all.
    he can't sing, but he can talk - that's his 'musical talent' damn i wanted to upvote this... szitfakmać
    Eminem is an awesome musician. His lyrics and delivery are one of the best in rap. I personally thought the MMLP2 was a great album.
    Why is this on this website?
    Because this section is "music news". Also, his music does include the occational guitar
    Eminem is a very talented rapper. He dtrays away from the usual rap cliches and I respect the hell out of him. One of the only people in the genre I like.
    matteo cubano
    when I saw him at lollapalooza he had an entire band playing with him during each song including three or four guitar solo sections added to songs.
    Saw him in Detroit last weekend. He had a 15 piece band backing him and Rihanna. 3 guitars, 2 drums, 2 bass, some horns, keys, etc. It was quite the performance. Better than some of the rock shows I've been too.
    You can just never get enough lip syncing
    .... wut? There's tons of artists who lip sync but Eminem is not one of them.
    Yeah lots of artists lip sync, many times against their own wishes. I do know however that Eminem mimed to a vocal backing track recently on SNL.
    Eminem was lip synching at his concert, this is a fact.
    He lip synced for a few portions of his songs, but that was about it. Still lip syncing though.
    I wouldn't really care. Its Eminem, If I was lucky enough to just see him on a stage I'd be happy even if he was lip lynching. Eminem can do whatever the **** he wants in my book.
    I've heard him live. He is by no means lip synching.
    He is lip synching at the concert in Detroit. I watched it. You can TELL. Are you retarded? Go listen to the recording, and then listen to him "live" in detroit. He lip synched. The verses sound IDENTICAL. I'm a musician who reoords. Its impossible to record the same thing twice. I've heard Eminem rap live as well.
    He lip syncs cause he is a pop artist. Like JLo or Justin Timberlake.
    You can never get enough of bashing a good musician. You clueless purist
    Must give credit to the guy, he has incredible staying power. I'm not a big fan of rap music, but even from the music I do like, most artists tend to peak and disappear after a few albums. That's just the way it is, it's why I like music, it forces you to listen to new things. I have the upmost admiration for people like Homme, Grohl, Pearl Jam, Eminem, [Insert great longstanding musician here], who can continue to surprise their fans even after 20 years. That's a very difficult thing to do and the sign of a truly gifted and dedicated musician. I hope it turns out well for him.
    Also, every comment that even remotely supports this article about rap has been downvoted. Real mature, here.
    The way people bash Eminem on here has an almost cult like quality to it. Rock music extremism if you will! How sad.
    the hatred and bashing is expected to a point (yes, some people go to extreme). But since there is no guitar in most rap music and most of the people here like guitar driven music, I can kind of understand it what actually surprised me is the amount of love for Eminem that I just read on this post, there is a LOT
    I almost forgot, I think he's ****ing amazing
    I don't understand it. Your first comment = upvoted (As it should). Your second comment = downvoted, why, because you excitedly shared your opinion? Again, I don't get it at all.
    hummm. this seems to be on the wrong site. i understand the occasional rhiana or lorde because its mainly to make fun of them
    Eminem ended with Encore.
    Personally, I LOVE Relapse. It's pure Shady and it's his "heaviest" album. I say that because all the songs revolve around drugs, depression, violence & murder.
    Carl LOG
    I do agree. I did like Relapse and I thought most of the songs, if not all, were seriously brilliantly written. But to me it doesn't beat his older stuff. Eminem to me has 2 personalities when writing songs. The crazy funny rapper and the emotional poet. I love both, but I feel that after Relapse his emotional poet stuff has gone downhill and I actually didn't like some of the songs (before that I liked every single song)... and now with the new album I feel as if he realized he's gone downhill and people missed the crazy stuff... so he tried to force out the crazy stuff... some of it came out okay but.. meeeeh I don't like it really
    I loved Relapse Its like I could relate to it personally and the Marshall Matters LP 2 is one of the few Hip Hop albums where I love every song on it
    So basically here's the format: Rap verse Pop diva chorus Rap verse Pop diva chorus hes totes taking a leaf out of BFMV's book!
    I'm a rock/metalhead but ****... Eminem is one of only a few (props to Tyler the creator etc.) Hip Hop artists that really create a connection and truly retains a type of integrity and lasting power that few artists (Rock, Metal, Rap and otherwise) can achieve. This song and many others that Marshall Mathers has penned, leaves a lasting impression on me that very few other hip hop artists could. If I ever had the honor to meet the man I'd tell him as such and express my sincere admiration for his mastery of his craft. Long Live Eminem.
    more than 15 years ago I watched people throwing shit at Eminem when he was was practically still a kid, doing the Warped Tour. He can take your abuse and crappy insults, turn them around and spin them into gold. He's been doing it now for longer than a lot of you have probably been playing guitar. Go ahead and shit all over the guy who's made a career ripping people to shreds in his rap lyrics. That makes a lot of sense.
    If nothing else I support anyone who attempts to move past a single genre. Not specifically Eminem, but artists in general. I mean, I love guitar/bass/drums, but damn am I starting to feel limited by what I can do with those 3 things. It's more fun to be open minded and accept other formats as a medium of creative expression.
    The only rapper i like and were i have respect for. Atleast his lyrics are good, and not about his niggas, ho's and money..
    I assume that he's the only rapper you've ever listened to then.
    Well he didn't specifically say that that's the only reason that he likes him. I agree with you though, there are plenty of rappers out there who don't really boast those topics. MF Doom is a personal favorite, as is Del tha Funkee Homosapien. (I obviously like Gorillaz, haha)
    He sounds like Urkel. My name is my name is is the most annoying song ever.