Ex Deo To Film Video For 'In Her Dark Embrace'

artist: Ex Deo date: 10/22/2009 category: new releases
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Ex Deo, the Ancient Roman themed arsenal lead byKataklysm front manMaurizio Iacono, recently returned from a succesfull trek in Europe and are now preparing to take on North America along sideEnsiferum,Hypocrisy andBlackguard. Plans are also in the works for the band to film another epic video for the bands critically acclaimed debutRomulus.The video will be shot once again by renowned directorIvan Colic and producerStanimir Lucik in Belgrade, Serbia. The filming will take place in early January 2010 and will be released in the month of Mars (March) to celebrate Mars, the ancient Roman god of war. Commented vocalistMaurizio Iacono: "The first video clip we did was for the title track Romulus. It was an epic venture into the beginning of Romes birth and mythology and served as more of an introduction to the story. This time we're going to do a video that will turn everyone on their heads. In Her Dark Embrace' will depict a Roman battle scene. Were not going for airplay here, were going for what Rome was: the most brutal and efficient war machine that ever walked the earth. If it's blood the people want it's blood they will get. I can't wait to get this done." The video clip for the track "Romulus" can be viewed here. Live footage of the same track filmed during their Paganfest Europe tour can be viewed here.
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